Joe the… [Fill in the Blank]

Plumber, McCain-Palin shill, amateur journalist, right-wing media pundit, digital TV conversion box infomercial spokesman, worst-selling “author” and now… future construction worker and possible political candidate… Yes, it’s the gift that keeps on giving: Samuel Wurzelbacher!

Paul Farhi of the Washington Post documents the atrocity of his recent book signing at the basement of a local Chapters store where he sold all of five volumes of his epic masterwork. Don’t quit your day job! Whatever that may be.

Leave it to Beaver

Batshit Crazy Beaver

Just Another Batshit Crazy Bloggin’ Tory…

It seems that the “Surly Beaver” is rather disappointed by the latest “strutting and posturing” on crime by “Peacock Harper”… Well, far be it for me to take issue with the Beav on that score, but his alternative prescriptions are a tad, um, radical shall we say:

If you want to stop gang-bangers from shooting each other and innocent passers-by, there is only one answer. Hang them. Hang them by the bucketful. Hang them and broadcast it on the CBC so everyone can see what happens when you are stupid enough to spray bullets around on busy streets, in shops and apartment buildings.

If this government had a pair of balls between them (am I the only one thinking we are governed by a cabinet full of post-op transsexuals) they would hold a referendum on reinstating the death penalty. And because everyone has to be so damn concerned about placating those socialist french faggots in Quebec – they don’ t call it Gay Paris for nothing – why not agree beforehand that the death penalty will only apply in those provinces where the public votes for it. Then it can become a nationwide experiment. Watch murder rates drop in Saskatchewan while Quebec Bikers and Jamaican teenagers in Toronto continue to kill each other and innocent people. Hell if the Americans can have 51 sets of criminal laws why can’ t we just have a little regional variation in ours?

Stephen Taylor must be oh so proud that his Bloggin’ Tories continues to attract the very best and brightest minds that Canada’s “conservative” movement has to offer.

Free U.S. Navy Ships!

It seems that for the past two years, the U.S. Navy has been trying to unload two super-secret Cold War era ships, the experimental Sea Shadow and Hughes Mining barge (a submersible dry dock), for the grand sum of $0.00.

The Historic Naval Ships Association warns however that receiving a “free” gift from the U.S. Navy is “a bloodthirsty, paperwork ridden, permit-infested, money-sucking hole…” (sounds like a pretty good description for the Pentagon, or DND for that matter). This is due to the fact that once the Navy releases ownership of the vessels that they give away, they want no responsibility for providing adequate care for the ships. For vessels like the Sea Shadow and the Hughes Mining Barge, this could very expensive indeed.

If there are no takers soon, the two ships (estimated cost $.5 billion) will be headed to the scrap heap. Who says that military spending is a complete waste of resources?

The Plot Thickens…

From the AP: “Trillions of dollars in government spending might stabilize the economy, but for now it may have weakened some U.S. Security interests abroad and hampered the nation’s ability to respond financially to an attack at home.”

Actually, I heard Bill Maher propose something similar on the Tavis Smiley program the other night. It sounds a little paranoid perhaps, but certainly not implausible.

GOP: The Party of Beavis & Butthead

Via The Huffington Post: “The full gamut of punditry had little praise for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s rebuttal speech Tuesday night. Notably, Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman, responding to the flak Jindal gave high-speed rail and volcano-monitoring, has labeled the GOP ‘the party of Beavis and Butthead.’”

More important than Krugman’s dismissal of silly Republican talking points is his warning that the Obama administration may be suffering from a “failure of nerve” in the implementation of its plan (whatever it may be) to revive the economy and his warning that indications are they’re going down the same track as Japan did in the 90s (the infamous “lost decade”).

United Nations v. Free Speech

Apparently, the United Nations upcoming Durban Review Conference (“Durban II”) will propose making it a binding resolution for member countries to make the “defamation of religion” illegal. Oh, United Nations… why are you so retarded handi-capable sometimes?


It seems Alex Jones has found a brand new target for his deeply paranoid conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, New World Order, Bilderbergers, Globalist Fascism, and so on.