Three-Wheeled Ankle-Biter

Well, that’s what you are, apparently, if you don’t back the official Liberal party line of supporting the Conservatives’ catastrophically reckless, ill-conceived, thoroughly cynical, politically-motivated orgy of desperately misguided spending, empty promises, short-sighted freebies, and whack-doodle tax credits.

That the Liberals’ decision to support the harebrained mess of a “Conservative” budget for their own expedient, self-serving objectives polled favourably amongst respondents in a Decima poll likely won’t bring much comfort or solace (let alone financial relief) to those unable to access EI benefits as a result of the complete failure to address the issue, nor will it assist pensioners desperately scraping along that have seen their meager savings steadily eroded by virtue of the incompetence and monstrous greed of professional financiers, or other marginalized and vulnerable segments of society living hand-to-mouth that are on the “bleeding edge” of the recession (a fact that just a scant few months ago the government adamantly denied even existed).

But never mind that. Michael Ignatieff’s decision to prop up the hapless and soon-to-be-bankrupt Harper government was the right “popular” thing to do. Huzzah!


Personally, I think that would have been a more wryly accurate name for CTV’s “fresh” new politics program rather than the crass-sounding “Power Play” title the marketing braintrust at Newsnet selected, but hey, what do I know?

In any event, today’s show (which, like 99% of the viewing public, I successfully avoided watching) featured Conservative co-leader Michael Ignatieff intimating that he’d be giving Stephen Harper a stern talking to in private this evening over the way he’s running the country… Uh huh.

Other topics of no import discussed included his response to the unctuous puff-piece in this weekend’s New York Times, a “helluva a party” in 2017 (to celebrate our new national energy grid, apparently), and speculation about a retrospective hypothetical concerning whether or not Bob Rae could conceivably take him out in a back alley.

I realize this was Tom Clark’s first day of his “fantastic new adventure” but good grief, let’s hope things get a little more substantive and, dare one hope, edifying than this kind of sycophantic drivel. The last thing we need is a continuation of Senator Duffy’s inane chatter and “insider” gossip-mongering.

Google Earth 5.0

The newest iteration of Google Earth lets users explore oceans, track whales and other marine life (what, not people?), view Mars images and watch the Earth’s surface change over time.

As soon as Google figures out a way to go down to the store for a pack of Rothmans, there’ll be absolutely no reason to leave the house.

Quantum Physics & Teleportation

Now here’s something interesting to ponder… Researchers at the University of Maryland’s Joing Quantum Institute have succeeded in teleporting information between two atoms that are separated by a distance of one meter. More on this completely baffling process here and here.

“It must certainly be allowed, that nature has kept us at a great distance from all her secrets, and has afforded us only the knowledge of a few superficial qualities of objects; while she conceals from us those powers and principles on which the influence of those objects entirely depends.” — David Hume

Making Jesus Proud

In which Professor (or is that “professeur”?) MTH thanks his thousands subscribers and shares some “whacky comments” from what can only be presumed to be faithful Christians…

It never fails to amaze me that these dimwitted Jesus freaks fail to grasp the discrepancy between the tenets of what they claim to so fervently believe in and their hostile, rage-filled invective.