Right-Wing Nuthouse

I can’t post a Tweet, so I’ll just tell you that right now I’m watching the interim leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, delivering a tub-thumping stem-winder to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I’m sure we’ll have hilarious videos in fairly short order.

In the meantime, from a commenter at Think Progress: “You could not pay actors, nor find actors capable enough, to begin to imitate the level of insanity these people so boldly embrace. How did this mass escape from the Arkahm Insane Asylum miss the mainstream media? No way back to reality for this crew! Stay tuned for their next amusing escapade!” Heh.

6 Replies to “Right-Wing Nuthouse”

  1. What is weird here is that what Obama and the Democrats plan on doing is really not that far off what the Republicans would have done if they had the chance… socialism? WTF? Nice strategy to ensure that what goes on though will not be disputed in any way as “it’s too far left already”… are these guys acting in tandem here, is this just a big scam run by a “third party” that most party members on both sides are oblivious to?
    Silly beyond belief, not so much in the individual statements, those were not that funny but just the overall tone, very well choreographed, got to give both sides that… fluf over substance to the highest level possible.

  2. That man is insane. I can also imagine what the Church sounds like where Harper attends..two of a kind. ……and a bunch of loose cannons Did you read the email reactions afterward ?He is another Hitler , etc……

  3. I don’t know how representative they were, but the ones read on air by CNN were less than enthusiastic, that’s for sure. But then, that’s the “Communist News Network” for you.

  4. What are the current odds on civil war #2 ? Lots of kooks and guns down there. Or am I out to lunch on that I hope ?.

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