Leader of the (C)PAC

Here’s corpulent comedian Rush Limbaugh, the interim leader of the Republicanistic Party, telling dittoheads and other “conservatives” at the CPAC in Washington that “conservatives love people.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sure, Rush. Whatever.

10 Replies to “Leader of the (C)PAC”

  1. We conservatives think they (life, liberty and the pursuit of hapiness) are under assault

    That sums it up really doesn’t it? They think that is so and therefore spend every waking moment inventing ways to attack what isn’t.

    A life filled with nothing but hatred for what isn’t, must be a miserable way to live.

  2. I’ve seen those Collateral News clips before, and they’re brilliant.

    The narrator is quick to point out that he’s not an elitist. Well, Iam an elitist, and it’s hard to conceive of a video submission more persuasive than his in proof of the fundamental philosophical soundness of the Tudor-Stuart/Family Compact/Chateau Clique authoritarianism I profess.

  3. Elitist has become one of those over-used buzz words and phrases – like “tools in the tool box”, and “co-ordinate”.

    Yup – co-ordinate. I was watching a cooking show the other day and the new way of saying “mixing” wet with dry is co-ordinate the ingredients.

  4. It’s all going to blow. It doesn’t require any political nor religious labels, bells and whistles, etc. Actually, most of the latter are redundant, passe. It’s just going to blow, a purge, a cleansing. And it’s going to be ugly, ugly, ugly.

    Elitism may take on new meaning and dimensions. Does one have the smarts, the cunning, the spiritual, intellectual and physical assets to come out on the other side relatively in one piece? That will be damn selective, ergo elitist.

    Re “…proof of the fundamental philosophical soundness of the Tudor-Stuart/Family Compact/Chateau Clique authoritarianism I profess.”

    Indeed. Transferred into the current historical context with like remnants of institutional leftovers, a new, regional tribalism.

  5. An elitist is someone who pays 2,50$ for a decent cup of coffee and enjoys a 7,00$ Pad Thai. A populist is someone who pays 12,00$ for scotch neat and 28,00$ for a steak.

  6. Speaking of elitist:

    Rush Limbaugh was born into a prominent Missouri family, and raised in a town about thirty miles from the Kentucky border. His grandfather, the first Rush Hudson Limbaugh, was America’s Ambassador to India in the Eisenhower administration. His uncle, Stephen Limbaugh, was appointed federal judge by Ronald Reagan, and his cousin, Stephen Limbaugh Jr, was appointed to the U.S. District Court by George W. Bush. His father was a prominent local attorney, who imbued his children with conservative ideology. His brother, David Limbaugh, is a lawyer and conservative writer.

    He started in radio as a disc jockey on his home town’s KGMO (part-owned by Limbaugh’s father) while he was still in high school, using the on-air name “Rusty Sharpe.” He dropped out of college, and eventually landed a job as a morning disc jockey at a small top-40 radio station in McKeesport, PA, near Pittsburgh. He quickly moved to a bigger station in Pittsburgh, where he worked as “Jeff Christie”, and then to Kansas City, where he used his real name. Several times over several years he was fired for making too many, too rude political comments. Frustrated at his lack of success, he left radio, and took a job selling tickets for the Kansas City Royals baseball team.

    …and it goes on.

    Family Values – 3 wives, drug abuse and many girlfriends. Caught with four guys coming back from vacation with Viagra not prescribed in his name

    ….and it goes on.

  7. Yep, his biography certainly confirms the fact that he’s a hypocritical dooche of the first order. And another draft-dodging war hawk, it should also be noted. None of that matters to “conservative” wankers however… Probably because most of them are every bit as hypocritical and morally depraved as he is.

  8. Limbaugh’s influence is shrinking along with conservatism in general. People have caught on to what conservatism was all about…Greed. Conservatives only care about rights for the rich and the corporations. They got thrown out on they’re asses in the 2008 elections. Let keep the momentum going and throw out some more racist, bigoted, homophobic hate mongers in the 2010 mid-term elections. Stay involved.

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