Twitter Shmitter

Gawd, here’s another wretched invention that’s destroying civilization. I suspect that clinical psychologist Oliver James is probably correct when he suggests that “Twittering stems from a lack of identity” and guesses that the typical “follower” is likely to be “someone who is young and who feels marginalised, empty and pointless.”

p.s. Hey you kids, get off my lawn!

10 Replies to “Twitter Shmitter”

  1. somebody actually told me i should tweet them today. i looked at them like they were retarded for a moment and then laughed out loud when i cottoned on to the jargon. for half a second i thought i was being propositioned by my acquaintance. then i realized they were just an idjit with too much thumb twiddling time on the blackberry. i suppose twittering is as good an occupation as there is for all those twits.

  2. …and bloggers have definitely risen above the low expectations their title has so unfairly bestowed upon them.

  3. Kaplan — The fellow in the video is, funnily enough, the same individual responsible for coining the term “blogger” (another reason to dislike him).

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