Real Time: New Rules

Are Americans in danger of becoming “a little people… a silly people”?

“Folks this is not a drill. This is the real thing. Our booze cruise has hit the iceberg… and I don’t want it to sink. We all need to get involved and learn how to do things and make things again. This is the moment when we must steel our resolve, reach through our blanket sleeves, grab our farting phone, and send off a mighty Twitter saying: ‘Yes we can!’” Heh.

15 Replies to “Real Time: New Rules”

  1. Looks a lot like my neighbour’s blanket, except it’s black and has a big hood. Nice guy, loves the kids.

  2. As you both know, Americans (i.e. US of A’ians), take themselves very seriously. “silly people” will not go over well in many circles.

  3. I didn’t used to care as much. Now that they’ve succeeded in bankrupting the World, it’s not as funny.

  4. Sobering assessment of their “hope and change” leader; and we were just about to feel sorry that we have not been blessed with somebody like him… those pesky facts that throw wrences into our (imagined/hoped) for reality (don’t know how to insert a link, just copy and paste):

    Too revolutionary? 🙂

  5. This is even more sobering. Best part:

    And what is the core of the problem? Basically, that the technical order is meaningless; that the American Way of Life finally has no moral center. Indeed, I doubt whether it ever did. In Freedom Just Around the Corner, historian Walter McDougall characterizes the United States as a “nation of hustlers,” going back to its earliest days. What began as trade and opportunism finally issued out into a full-blown crisis of meaning, and it is this that now constitutes the crisis of late capitalism.

  6. Ti-Guy: nice take indeed; personally I am not a big fan of “morality” (see for a pretty complicated sense of affairs in terms of what one understands by this term) but this does not mean that we do not have a significant number of paths that we could be threading towards a common good, that “taking whole” approach made popular by the Art Of War for instance.

    The real causes of the current screw-up are not really under debate, we keep talking about which band-aid is going to cover the bruise better, which one is prettier, totally missing the core problem (well described in the article you pointed to but only to a superficial level, the deeper causes show up at an individual level and without discussing those, we will have a hard time making progress with empty phrases like “focus on culture”).

    Withough going into any details here, a careful analysis of our human condition points to ignorance (of many things but basically of what constitutes reality and I don’t say this in a scientific “objective” manner, that is another confusing myth) as the root cause for all our ailments; the current capitalist crisis with its excesses of greed and hatred are just some of the ways this ignorance manifests itself. Once the root cause is clearly defined, the solution becomes obvious and, as a species, we already have plenty of paths we can thread to counter it (according to everybody’s psychological make-up and preferences), we do not even have to re-invent the wheel here, just pay attention to the avenues already available to us.

    As far as the leadership situation is concerned, the Americans have replaced a time when they were fucked silly (Bush and the Republicans) with a time in which they are fucked royally (Obama and the Democrats), different settings, same end results… you have to love how well oiled the establishment is (unfortunately, that ignorance I was talking about stops them from seeing that, long-term, it does not even serve their own interests which I presume can be summed as “just being happy”).

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