Steve in The Situation Room

The flip-side to the previous post. Harper appeared today on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

The video comes via the Conservative Party that has, in typical fashion, disabled the ratings and comments. Thou shalt not downrate nor shall ye comment unfavourably on the Dear Leader! Look only in wonder and awe, feeble mortals!



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17 responses to “Steve in The Situation Room

  1. generayburn

    millions of Americans watched this and thought “who is this guy with the steel hair and botoxed face that keeps giving me a pervy grin?”

    Always the pervy grin when he’s talking about doom.

  2. generayburn

    “return to a surplus position as soon as the economy recovers”

    Is Steve moving the goalposts yet again or should we expect conflicting answers from Flaherty and Carney later this week?

    That interview was like eating glass while watching paint dry.

  3. Navvy

    Love the juxtaposition with all the impressive looking pictures of Obama… just to keep people from reaching for the clicker I assume. Man this guy is embarrassing.

  4. vancouver

    I like the blinking Ottawa light.

  5. I heard on CTV that Harper did not do better on the Environment, was because Bush prevented him, or words or to that effect? My god!

  6. Snerd Gronk

    “… That interview was like eating glass while watching paint dry.”

    SG: …. 2 mixed meta-4s which I 8 up … and as comments go, ‘oddly’ very ‘even’ handed.


  7. Ti-Guy

    Pavel Chekov. That’s whose hair Harper’s reminds me of.

    Hey, Harp…the eel larvae from Ceti Alpha V called; they want their nest back.

  8. Ti-Guy

    Fix that tag for me, Red, won’t ya?

    RT: Done.

  9. Navvy

    Bwahaha! Perfect Ti-Guy. My kingdom for Harper’s head in that picture!

  10. Perfect.

    Someone on another blog nailed Bev Oda as a dead ringer for the Lego® Harry Potter today…

    There’s some kind of confluence at work here.

  11. Rigid characters, childlike, bad hair….the similarities are endless.

  12. Mix-and-match components…

  13. If I’d had liquid in my mouth it would have come out my nose… thanks for that Red.

  14. And to think, Harper has a makeup lady to look like this. Is he getting OUR monies worth?

  15. A friend dropped by to pick up our cat carrier (I had to put my little guy down on Valentine’s day)and was wondering if Harper set up the interview with Blitzer. Mansbridge, Obama, etc. getting so much coverage – wouldn’t surprise me.

  16. I doubt that. I’m fairly certain that CNN initiated the interview.

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