Mansbridge One on One

With the Honorable* Barack Obama

If (like me) you missed the interview on The National last night with that impertinent scamp Peter Mansbridge trying to “one-up” the Dear Leader by preemptively stealing the spotlight for nefarious purposes known only to the addle-brained “Conservative Reporter”… well, here it is for your edification.

I presume there’s much hilarity to be found in the comments to the above-linked post, but I really can’t bring myself to confirm that.

*How extremely bizarre.

18 Replies to “Mansbridge One on One”

  1. Just who does that Mansbridge think he is? A Journalist? The nerve of him! 🙂

    Im sure that the folks over at Conbot Reporter would rather some sort of Gala 85 TV appearance with Steve and Obama. Now that’s a scary thought

  2. I’m sure they get all misty-eyed at the thought. If only Ronnie were cryogenically preserved so that Steve could whisper sweet nothings in his jar.

  3. I’d heard of some Reagan fanatics wanting to do this, but had never actually seen it “imagined” like that. It looks absurd. But hey, it’s endorsed by Jack Kemp!

  4. Interesting. Although I’ve heard that Bennett may well have been quite unfairly maligned. I really should dig into that a bit when time allows. Maybe I’ll crack open the old Canadian Encylopedia tonight and see what it has to say about the old duffer.

  5. Work Camps, Invoking Section 98 of the Criminal Code, Holding on to laissez faire beliefs for far too long, raising tariffs on trade with countries other than Britain, coming up with a New Deal that was too little too late. I guess it all depends on what end of Bennett’s legacy you’re grandparents were on.

    I had a teacher in high school history that was obsessed with history and the Reform Party (back in the late 80s). Despite his most valiant efforts the class ended up arguing against his view of both. If only history and politics were still taught like that.

  6. My grandmother had voted for her first time (women finally got the right to vote). R. B. Bennett made her very angry – he promised a chicken in every pot – that didn’t happen.

  7. My favourite description I’ve read about Bennett, described him as having the personality and charm of Al Capone. Sounds like our Steve doesn’t it?

  8. Seemed like a pretty straight forward interview… to me at least. The only real problem I have with O-man so far is his wanting more troops in Afghanistan.

    That conservative echo chamber was a good link. 🙂

  9. Glad you “enjoyed” it.

    Yeah, the “surge” in Afghanistan seems misguided, but I guess you can’t blame the guy for trying. It now can’t be said (heaven forbid) that he’s “weak on defense” or whatever. And it delivers on another campaign promise. Speaking of which, it’s also kind of a switch-a-roo because it allows him to draw down faster in Iraq by taking troops that would have been headed there and diverting them to Afghanistan where, it can be argued they’re need more. Presumably the ones rotating out of Iraq will not now be replaced. So, killing two or three birds with one stone. Clever guy that Obama.

  10. “‘Honourable’? Really? Is that the standard honorific?”

    for the average joe, “honorable” is a style reserved for judicial types, although it is used in other cases.

    you foreigners, however, are to address him as “excellency”.


    RT: Geez.

  11. Yeah, the “surge” in Afghanistan seems misguided, but I guess you can’t blame the guy for trying.

    I think it’s much more than misguided, the “War on Terror” is unwinnable. You can brutalize a population, but you’ll never win if they want you out.

  12. burp: “… You can brutalize a population, but you’ll never win if they want you out.”

    SG: Yes but even more egregiously ‘misguided’, if they wanted you there, so they can throw you out


  13. I’m hoping that their position will evolve, but I’m not exactly encouraged by the noises coming from Obama and Holbrooke at this stage. They’re still firmly stuck in the GWOT rhetoric…

    How much of that is for domestic consumption vs. their real understanding of the situation remains to be seen.

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