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Uh-oh! I think Harper cheerleader and accomplished fellatrix Sandy Crux has some serious competition on her hands from another lovestruck retiree with a puerile crush on the Dear Leader.

WARNING: Persistent viewing of the “Conservative Reporter” may induce blurred vision; dizziness; fatigue; headaches; short-term memory loss; weakness; uncontrollable gagging; drowsiness; and nausea.

54 Replies to “Kool-Aid® Central”

  1. “As long as the conservatives are in government, the respect between two countries will always be civil and respectful.”

    It makes me wonder if Jen is commenting from Upper Canada circa 1812

  2. On another thread, she’s moaning indignantly about the CBC trying to “one-up” the Dear Leader because Peter Mansbridge had the cheek to interview Obama prior to his trip. She laments the fact that Newsworld didn’t dwell longer and more lovingly on his GO Transit announcement this morning. (Even though it was over when they cut away to Mansbridge offering a teaser for his interview on the National tonight). She then launches into all sorts of baseless speculation about their nefarious motives, etc.

    This one is a hoot, but such low-hanging fruit is almost too easy. Almost.

  3. I just love how they feel Harper needs positive reinforcement.

    Personally, I think he needs a time out – but that’s just me.

  4. that “one up” post is hilarious. The nerve of that scamp Mansbridge indeed!

    “Why CBC? We have a ’socialist’ broadcast network that is paid for and under the umbrella of the Government of Canada. IMHO, that is how it would have been presented and sold to the Obama, team.”

    I love this comment. I like to visualize a CBC handler looking akin to Brezhnev handing an Obama aide a pamphlet for Cana-Pravda.

    Seems you’ve also made a fan in Conservative Reporter in her comments.

  5. Gayle,

    You’re right. Its just you.

    PMSH is on duty for us. We can, and do, rest easy because he is staying the course. I just love talking like this.

    However, there is even better news on the horizon, and it kind of fits. Al-Jazeera might be coming to Canada.

    Does that mean that CBC’s ratings will drop off the table? And does THAT mean that I can now quit paying for it?

    Isn’t half of the CBC braintrust already at Al-Jazeera?

  6. Gene — So even if you read her blog (for whatever reason), you’re a “troller”… How does that work, exactly?

    Why are so many “conservatives” so completely illogical?

  7. RT,

    You asked:

    “… Why are so many “conservatives” so completely illogical?”

    Good question. I think it comes from trying to disentangle the truth from the 50 miles of red wrapping around every pronouncement BH (Before Harper).

    Most others didn’t try to understand, they just sucked the stuff back as it was uttered by his grace Peter of Mansbridge. Therefore their logic centre’s remained in mint shape since they weren’t being used.

  8. Ive been wondering that since the common sense revolution. I never understood how a party so strongly opposed communism seemed so in love with its nomenclature.

    It’s been a bit of entertainment in these dark times to watch the blogging tories go from outrageous arrogance to incomprehensible defensiveness in record time. Then again if I found a robot with steel hair sexy I’d probably have issues too.

  9. It’s predescessor the CRBC was created by RB Bennett.

    Just another example of conservative “logic”.

  10. RT, I just don’t like the spin.

    My rant today is actually in regards to the CBC coverage of the Plains of Abraham issue yesterday. As far as I could tell (as a non-Francophone), they ignored it complete on Radio Canada, I guess it was embarrassing to their sovereignist leanings. And on the English side it was buried under the Montreal region as a local story.

    Nothing like hiding embarrasing news. Ostrich…sand?

    Today they ignored the GO announcement until the Mansbridge announcement and then buried it behind Ignatieff’s musings on Afghanistan.

    Hence, I become irrational.

    Don’t you see yourself being spun? If your country was paying for wall to wall coverage by FOX news, I think you would also develop a tic or two.

  11. generayburn,

    When the CBC was begun it had a purpose. It no longer does except in places where local cultural programming needs support like the north.

    How many TV and radio stations can you pick up where you live? Is the number in the hundreds?

    Now CBC has just become the crazy aunt drinking her spring tonic and talking “at” things.

  12. PMSH is on duty for us. We can, and do, rest easy because he is staying the course.

    Stephen Harper went to Ottawa to _________ us.

  13. Plenty of spin more to your taste there.

    And he’s paying a hell more for it too than the paltry 30,00$ the CBC gets from him.

    But you can’t explain anything to Conservatives. They’re stupid. Even the brightest ones are really only of average intelligence.

  14. generayburn,

    Lots of things are to my taste and I actually would have a great deal more tolerance for CBC if I wasn’t paying for it.

    They’ve got some great programming. It’s just the continuing arrogance in using my money to spin Canadian’s while I watch, that irks.

    If CTV has some stupid program I don’t feel the need to care, because it’s not on my dime.

  15. How much do you pay for the CBC exactly Tomm?

    Im guessing you earn your share through bitching at the National.

  16. If CTV has some stupid program I don’t feel the need to care, because it’s not on my dime.

    Oh really? You pay for all advertising. It increases the cost of your goods. Think of all the product placement in the stupid programs you turn off. That costs you plenty. Product placement is expensive and that gets added to the cost of things you buy. So you don’t watch the show yet you pay for it. That means you are paying for the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus whether you like it or not.

    No matter how you spin it Tomm, you get Duffied in the end. Everybody pays

  17. If CTV has some stupid program I don’t feel the need to care, because it’s not on my dime.

    Oh, really? Where exactly do you think CTV’s revenues come from?

    You’re paying more for less Tomm, but don’t think about it too much. You’re brain might seize up.

  18. Ti-Guy,

    Why don’t you and every other Canadian commit to giving me $30 every year, essentially forever, and I will promise to make television and radio programming for you to watch or not watch, whatever is your pleasure. I will make fun of things you care about and go on endlessly about meaningless drivel as I wish.

    If you complain I will happily send you to my ombudsman. By phone, e-mail, snail mail or fax I promise to seriously receive all rant-backs.

    I will even promise to change public opinions by making fun of those I dislike and ensuring their foibles never leave the public eye. I also promise to raise up those with whom I respect and admire and also ensure that they get the glowing coverage they so richly deserve.

    All for just pennies a day.

  19. Wow Tomm you are the cheapest person on this blog. $30? Seriously?

    But why pay you $30 for a network that produces shows that nobody watches. You and I are already paying for City TV

  20. Tomm — I don’t listen to Radio Canada, so I really don’t know whether it was or wasn’t covered by them. I noticed the story was on their website and was the most commented article on there. Not exactly “buried” to the hundreds of people that weighed in on it. As for the GO story, it was being covered live when I turned to Newsworld this morning and was then part of the cycle for the rest of the day.

    I get the impression that because it isn’t wall-to-wall live coverage of Conservative “achievements” followed by enthusiastic cheerleading for Team Harper you seem to think that it’s therefore got a liberal “spin” to it.


  21. RT,

    The Plains was yesterday’s story. Yesterday was the day that public opinion could have been used to change a decision, not today.

    It was yesterday when CBC buried it as a regional (Montreal only) English language story.

    But we’ve argued about media bias before. We disagree. God its such a burden to be right all the time.

  22. God its such a burden to be right all the time.

    I wonder how many times that statement can be proven wrong.

  23. generayburn,

    What the hell was that!

    Please explain how you and I are paying for a Christian broadcast website?

  24. You mean like you were right about Afghanistan? Give me a break.

    Actually, the story was a weekend story, so I really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Sorry, but I’m not prepared to just take your word for it. Conservatives are rather, um, liberal with the truth, shall we say?

  25. I don’t listen to Radio Canada, so I really don’t know whether it was or wasn’t covered by them.

    It’s right here, prominent among Radio-Canada‘s national news section, and is accompanied by two video reports and one audio report, which I imagine were broadcast (I don’t watch television news at all and only listen to radio via podcasts).

    Tomm’s just bullshitting.

  26. RT,

    When I talked about media bias, you were thinking Afghanistan?

    hmmmmm. It must have been the context of our last discussion on this topic.


    How are you and I both putting money into McVety’s pockets? What is he being given money for?

    The CBC, for all its faults, isn’t a Christian wingnut. I give it credit for that.

  27. My rant today is actually in regards to the CBC coverage of the Plains of Abraham issue yesterday.

    I want to hear more about the economy…. it touches more lives.

  28. Ti-Guy.

    The point I was making was about YESTERDAY. I thought I was clear about that.

    I also only scanned the front page of Radio Canada’s website since I don’t read French it was a matter of looking for the obvious, not the needle in the haytstack.

  29. Tomm — I’m sometimes accused of being too literal. When you said you were right about everything, I took Afghanistan as being within the ambit of “everything.” I didn’t realize that you meant everything within the limited context of specific things that you happened to have in mind, but conveniently excluding certain other exceptions that you may deem to not be “everything.”

  30. sharonapple88,

    Good point. My work here is done.

    Let’s all go to the PM’s website and lick the screen. … or not.

    But I won’t make you pay for it.

  31. I want to hear more about the economy…. it touches more lives.

    Newsworld had a documentary on Sunday evening that examined whether were entering another great depression. Global broadcast The Simspons at the time. CTV had The Amazing Race. 300 other channels featured teenagers in various states of undress and sobriety.

    God, I hate the CBC!

  32. Ti-Guy,

    That was sarcasm wasn’t it?

    CBC also brings us Being Erica, Sophie, and that daytime two guy show about home stuff.

    God I love the CBC!

    They actually do create and broadcast a lot of good programming. I really like “Monsoon House”.

    If they want the tax payer to pay for it, stay away from the expensive TV fluff, and quit spinning the news.

  33. Ti-Guy,

    “kakistocracy”, I looked it up.

    “Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens”

    Is this like Hugo Chavez running Venezuala? or more like the military socialist junta in Burma?

    or did you mean… wait a minute! I’m offended.

    Good night!

  34. I use a broader defintion of κράτος, meaning rule or strength. It’s quite obvious that the culture and the economics of this society are dominated by the ignorant, the vulgar and the inept. It was inevitable, really.

  35. What the hell is the “death culture” McVety refers too. Aren’t they the same lot who support death sentences?

    Or is he referring to the 50% of fetus’ that spontaneously abort? Who would have thought a uterus could be so evil.

  36. You know Tomm, the CBC is pretty neutral for Canadian politics. If that comes across as being “eye to eye” with the center parties, it is only because they try to maintain a balance. The CBC snubs unions and Dippers as much as they talk about the right.

    To be honest, the CBC has practically been in a “love-in” with the Harper Cons. They spent about 3 years slamming the Liberals. Paul Martin couldn’t get a break after he became PM. Neither could Dion. CBC was part of the same media “woody” for Stephen Harper that the other networks were. At times I couldn’t tell if I was watching CBC, CTV, or Global!

    I think the CBC tends to be the most “neutral”, but can’t resist a good story when they see it. I might add, the CBC actually employs journalists – something a lot of the other mainstream media (including daily newspapers) have forgotten.

    It’s interesting that the right laments the CBC – after playing a major part in creating it, yet the left (which often gets completely ignored by the CBC – hello, Jack Layton) don’t seem to mind. I guess for them anything that is not completely right wing, like other major corporate media, is alright…

    We need to have more “quality controls” of Canadian media, or it’ll end up like the US… and CBC is not part of the problem – it is part of the solution.

  37. Well, I love the CBC.
    And, I thought Harper is sporting a new look. It seemed a combination of sheepish embarrassment and a I promise to be a good guy look. I didn’t see any exuberance, just controlled restraint.
    And a different makeup artist?

  38. “PMSH is on duty for us. We can, and do, rest easy because he is staying the course.”

    Well do make sure you write him a note and tell him you are pleased with his progress, and you think it is just super duper good that he works so hard.

    Apparently he needs to hear that from his minions, and god knows with the economy tanking and unemployment increasing, he probably is not getting much love these days.

    As for your CBC rants – clearly YOU are the biased one. Not that I expect you to acknowledge that maybe you lack the necessary objectivity to judge a media outlet on its merits, rather than by how good it makes your Dear Leader look.

  39. Oh my, I don’t know what is worse…that blog or the very idea of Sandy Crux committing felatio…


    If that doesn’t make you gay, it will make you celibate.

  40. And people once wondered why I wouldn’t take Tomm seriously whenever he critiqued my work at Saundrie or elsewhere. One of my criteria for whether a person is connected to the real world or a fantasy world full of conspiracy theories is whether they believe there is a political bias in the media against them, something Tomm has shown he believes time and time again, especially where the CBC is concerned. For years I have watched conservatives from both sides of the border whine about how the media is biased against them, yet when actual studies are done no such bias actually shows up. Yet somehow because journalists might be of a political bent other than Conservative then they must be biased and shape their stories accordingly and this is the basis of their supposed proof. This ignores the fact that editors/producers actually have more control over how a story is covered and reported than any journalist and also ignores the premise that reporters follow a professional code of conduct and does so without evidence of systemic bias and systemic examples of reporters shaping the coverage to suit a political agenda, all it is from conservatives is this thing called confirmation bias, pure and simple.

    Indeed, the most blatant example of MSM political journalistic bias just went to the Canadian Senate given he hosted a political shown nationwide, was the national director of the political news division of a national network, one Patrick Duffy and his bias was clearly rightward. Indeed, Duffy made that blatantly obvious when in the last election he compelled ATV to release uncut footage of the Dion interview that had those restarts in it just so he could mock Dion, this despite this going against the practice of restarting taped interviews for all political leaders in such a format. Duffy clearly abused his power and position to do so, and was rewarded finally for his years of favouring Conservatives on his show and for trashing Conservative opponents and helping to brand CTV political coverage and the CTV network as Conservative Television, yet I don’t see Conservatives being at all bothered by this, despite it being the most clear cut and blatant example of journalistic political bias in at least modern history if not ever. Why is that I wonder, could it be that the only thing these so called principled conservatives really care about it their own side being given preferential treatment instead of the more important principle of a free press informing the public of the facts so it can make informed decisions when it casts votes and opines on governmental policy which is what a free press is SUPPOSED to be doing in a democratic society?

    One of the most frustrating things about modern conservatives in NA is their unwillingness to accept that just because they believe something to be true does not make it so, the long standing claim of liberal media bias being one of the most pernicious, because how can you have a reasonable disagreement if one side refuses to accept any information source that does not pass their political filter first, which is a constant problem with conservatives in NA? They refuse to accept that anything that shows their side to be wrong/incorrect either on the facts or on what they believe of their opposition can be anything other than the evil media bias at work out to undermine them and/or support their enemies. For a group that tends to mock “lefties” for believing in conspiracy theories I find that there is a much greater tendency towards such from the political right (since media bias is clearly a conspiracy theory) than I see from the left in general (although I will note that those from the far left can be as bad too).

    I mean really, it is the inherent dishonesty of so many from the political right that is why we have such difficulty talking let alone working with them, even the ones that are well mannered in their criticism (which for the most part I’d say is true for Tomm, however good manners and connection to reality are not the same thing and should not be mistaken for such) tend to buy into these conservative myths to explain why their political theories and leaders do not tend to do well in this country. After all, it is easier to blame outside sources for brainwashing people through insidious propaganda than it is to consider that perhaps, just perhaps, their own ideology and political beliefs simply aren’t popular because people have examined them and rejected them in an honest manner. It is easier to blame other than it is to accept the fault within oneself and ones cherished beliefs, and too many Conservatives (especially in the online community) clearly fall into that category. This is something that intelligence can do nothing to rectify, because a smart person is just as capable of self deception as a stupid person, arguably more so.

    As for the latest Harper fluffer, it never ceases to amaze me just how uncritical such people are of their own side while being entirely critical of any that oppose them and their chosen totems. Indeed, I see far more willingness to be critical of their own side and/or leader from both Liberal and NDP partisans than I do from most of the CPC partisans out here in the Canadian political blogosphere, and that speaks volumes as to which side is truly the more blinded by partisanship and ideology. Harper’s kind of conservativism does not accept the premise that it can be wrong and that other POVs have merit, which is why it takes a with us or against us approach to politics, as well as a tendency towards scorched earth total war political operations regardless of the damage it does to the political context of this nation (especially when conservativism is clearly the minority pov within the electorate as shown by repeated election results) and the contempt it shows for the beliefs of the clear majority to supermajority of Canadians that clearly are not in agreement with conservative principles and beliefs but are centrists to leftist in their position on the political spectrum. This is an attitude we see from the ground up within the conservative activists all the way up to the head (Harper himself), and why it is so toxic to Canada and the Canadian culture/context.

    No, until we start seeing the older Canadian rooted conservativism starting to make a comeback (the kind the new Conservatives deride and mock) one cannot trust what Conservatives say and do, especially with power. They have shown that they have no tolerance for anyone and anything not of their fold, that they will work to destroy at any/all costs that which opposes them and their aims, and that it does not matter what the supermajority of Canadians thinks where political beliefs and principles are concerned but only what they think and that they will shove it down our throats whether we like it or not because they believe it must be done to remake this nation into what they believe it should be like instead of this supposed liberal wasteland or as Harper once called it a second rate (or was that third rate) socialist nightmare. Where these people see a nightmare the vast majority of Canadians see a wonderful nation with a remarkable history and set of beliefs.

    The modern Conservative Party IMHO is about as treasonous at heart as a Quebecois separatist but with less integrity and honesty, at least the separatists are open about what they want and respect the rule of law in how they try to go about it, which is more than can be said of the Harper CPC. No, they hate the modern Canada and want to remake it over into something in line with the American radical conservative view of what a country should be like and run, this despite those theories whenever put into practice lead to disaster, as 8 years of Cheney Straussian policies practiced in both the USA and in Iraq (when the US first took it over the American far right had the keys turned over to them to test their theories out with instead of a proper reconstruction team actually trained in such) have shown. In other words the hidden agenda so many have cautioned about and which has shown itself in the actions of the Harper minority and underscore just how much worse it would have been had he ever managed to gain the power a majority government provides in our system.

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