Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Liar

Yes, yes, I know, this is hardly a new revelation… but still, it’s always so nice to see that lying sack of shit get busted.

Bonus: Shuster offers up a little birthday tribute to Sarah Palin.



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9 responses to “Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Liar

  1. Rush and his fellows (Hannity, O’Reilly, et. al.) are mostly concerned with generating ratings using sensationalism.

    People wouldn’t get outraged if you said G. W. Bush funded a program to co-ordinate technology and R&D for the health industries. But if you say Obama is spending your tax money to invade your private health records (a big fat lie), it pushes peoples’ buttons.

    I guess the key difference to Rush and his supporters is that invading your health records won’t catch terrorists but could result in loss of coverage so that’s bad; listening in on your telephones, e-mail, etc. is OK because that catches terrorists (without a doubt).

    I think we should start publicizing the sponsors of these guys, and “go after their money”. For example, if Pfizer Inc. supports Rush (haven’t verified this myself, this is just hypothetical) then it helps Rush say it to a very wide audience. “Going after the money” is a tactic also used against criminals and terrorists, but there’s nothing illegal about it.

    For example, here’s a WAY OUTDATED list:

    There’s probably better info and more organization already out there, I just have to google harder 😉

    I don’t believe these guys are shilling for their sponsors, they’re just going after a larger audience. But if they can’t bring in the sponsors’ bucks, they’ll be displaced by someone who can – that’s the free market, right?

  2. In other news, the sky was discovered to be a remarkable shade of blue and water is now being termed “wet”.

    Film at 11.

  3. I had that one coming. It is indeed News of the Blindingly Obvious.

    Speaking of liars…

    Check this out:

    I’ll follow up on this later today after you’ve had a chance to watch that hilarious bit of insanity.

  4. generayburn

    When Rush Limbaugh went to the bathroom he found a __________ next to his pills.

  5. counter-coulter

    *sniff* Oh God I miss Sara! I really, really hope that she hangs around until in 2012. *crosses fingers*

  6. Comedy gold. We should all contribute to her mavericky new PAC.

  7. JB

    Sara and Rush. She should leave the snowboarder and marry Rush. All that Rush would require is a 5,000, 000,000 vicadins.

  8. krystal

    palin is an inept out of touch extremist breedcow…and those are the good things about her.

  9. andrew solie


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