The Douchebaggery of Zygotes


I don’t often delve into the raging culture wars about abortion/reproductive rights that are enthusiastically engaged in by numerous other blogs, but I did find this post highly amusing:

The votes are in, and 9 out of 10 fetuses prefer defrocked Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to President Barack Obama, according to RenewAmerica. In his weekly column, Reverend Michael Bresciani, who speaks fluent blastocyte, randomly samples a series of wombs, and reports that while Obama remains popular among America’s post-born youth, he enjoys far less support from members of the intrauterine electorate.

If nothing else, it’s worthwhile for coining the expressions “fluent blastocyte” and “intrauterine electorate.”



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5 responses to “The Douchebaggery of Zygotes

  1. southernquebec

    As Suzy All-Caps would say, “The unborn are human beings too!” 8)

  2. counter-coulter

    Sounds much the same as Jesus’ General’s “blastocyst-Americans” and “zygote-Americans”

  3. Similar, but these phrases struck me as more eloquent. As I said, I don’t usually mess about with this stuff, but this tickled me for some reason. The post also had the benefit of being stumbled upon quite by accident, which made it even funnier in some way.

  4. It actually was pretty damn funny although I didn’t expect it to be!

  5. Along with Sadly No!, World-O-Crap is one of the funnier blogs out there.

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