Harper’s “Creepy” Budget

Fairly predictable criticism from the usual suspects regarding the so-called Conservatives’ feckless new SOS (“Save Our Skins”) budget.

What’s perhaps somewhat less expected was the relatively unvarnished reaction of Harper’s political mentor a couple of days ago:

“I spent five years getting Harper into power, so God knows I want him to survive,” Tom Flanagan, a political scientist at the University of Calgary, said in an interview Wednesday.

“I perfectly understand the imperatives of political survival and the need to make compromises and to adjust, etc., etc. etc. But . . . it’s got a creepy feel to it.”

What a shame that, like most “Conservative” supporters (Stephen Taylor and other fatuous jerks over at the Blithering Tories, for example), he didn’t have the fundamental integrity and/or intellectual honesty to denounce Harper’s bogus budget in more forceful terms.

Well, I can hardly wait for the PBO to publish its analysis. Soon I hope! Speaking of which, does anyone know if Kevin Page got the money he was looking for? It would certainly be a cruel irony indeed if he didn’t given the orgy of spending.

“Change” Comes to the RNC

After six ballots, former Maryland Lt. Gov., Fox News commenter and dooche Michael Steele edged out South Carolina GOP Chairman Katon Dawson, 91 votes to 77, to become the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Obviously, the fact that Steele is the first African-American to hold the post is a significant departure for the Republicans and may be a sign of desperately needed change in the GOP… or maybe not.

Ad Nausea

I’m sure everyone not living under a rock has heard the NDP’s radio ads that were launched immediately after Ignatieff announced that he would be supporting the Conservative government’s deeply “flawed” budget without any significant amendments whatsoever.

Sadly for the NDP, almost nobody outside their traditional base of support will take these ads seriously. Aside from presumably attempting to define Ignatieff as a failure, what are they really saying? Jack Layton is “the only leader strong enough to stand up to Harper and get us through this economic crisis” the ad laughably claims. As if.

All Layton has done here is to demonstrate that, rather than putting average families first, as the ad implies, the NDP leader is far more interested in tooting his own horn and attacking his erstwhile coalition partner because his one chance to ever be in government has slipped away from him forever.

(Still) Bushed!

New Name For Torture: “The Bush System”

John Yoo, a former member of the Justice Department who wrote the first rationalization that torture is legal, said in the Wall Street Journal that the United States must torture people and referred to it as the Bush system.

The Moon: A Vast Electric Generator?

Here’s kind of a far out idea that was in the last part of the CBC documentary Fly Me to the Moon.

David R. Criswell (Director of the Institute for Space Systems Operations at the University of Houston), proposes the construction of large-scale solar collectors on the moon’s surface, using local lunar materials. The solar energy would then be converted to microwave energy and transmitted to Earth. Criswell estimates that the entire lunar-solar power generation system could be built over a 10-year period for approximately $50 billion. Imagine that!

Blago Impeached: 59-0

Well, the political freak show is finally over — at least for a while. The Illinois state senate voted unanimously this afternoon to impeach now former Governor Rod Blagojevich, with officials using words like “corrupt,” “hypocrite,” “devious,” “dishonest,” “corrupt,” and “a stain on the state.” Impeachment prosecutor David Ellis said, “He has a Constitutional right not to thrown in jail without a fair trial, but he does not have a Constitutional right to be governor. That is not a right; it’s a privilege and he forfeited that right. He has abused the power of his office.”

Kind of makes this old clip almost poignant in a way.

So what happens if he’s proven not guilty of the criminal charges against him? Stranger things have happened…