“Change” Comes to the RNC

After six ballots, former Maryland Lt. Gov., Fox News commenter and dooche Michael Steele edged out South Carolina GOP Chairman Katon Dawson, 91 votes to 77, to become the new chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Obviously, the fact that Steele is the first African-American to hold the post is a significant departure for the Republicans and may be a sign of desperately needed change in the GOP… or maybe not.



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3 responses to ““Change” Comes to the RNC

  1. federalistblogs

    Certainly he is a change.

    The problem is he is also toted as a moderate. This goes to the belief that the GOP needs to be more like Democrats to win. Why not stand for something instead? Educate and teach people why conservatism is the best way to go. It might take more effort, but if you truly hold your beliefs dear, it would be the right thing to do.

  2. McGuire

    This attitude is part of the reason why the GOP is having it’s problems. If you’re not smart enuf to see just how awesome we are, well screw you. Yes GOPer’s should be conservative & be mindful of the base, but not to the point of being a slave to it. The answer is to thread the needle b/w listening t the base & reaching out to contrists. Steele’s election & the principled GOP stand against the Obamassiah’s pork barrel “stimulus” bill are 2 positive steps.

  3. Ti-Guy

    The GOP and “conservatism” right now means nothing but irrationality and ignorance. They can’t even claim “small government” anymore. They can’t claim anything beyond “leave me alone!”

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