Wishful Thinking

The budget says the Tories will “identify government holdings that could be developed by the private sector to stimulate local economic development…In some cases, it may be concluded that selling an asset to a private-sector entity may generate more economic activity and deliver greater value to taxpayers.”

But apparently, Flaherty is already padding the books to the tune of $2 billion when not only haven’t the sales been made yet, the assets under consideration haven’t even been identified.



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8 responses to “Wishful Thinking

  1. Kleptocracy, pure and simple.

  2. Joseph

    Personally, I’ve always thought the National Highway should be a private toll road. ; )

  3. Just privatize the parts of the Trans-Canada that runs through Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  4. Call it the Don Cherry Toll Road of Heroes®

  5. Ti-Guy

    It’s like Ground Hog Day with Dim Jim Flim Flam Flaherty.

    I’m even tired of bitching about it. Why hasn’t he stepped down? He’s the world’s worst financial minister.

  6. CWTF

    Tim Hortons’ Don Cherry Toll Road of Heroes®, you mean?

  7. maybe they’ll have a Roll off the Ramp to Win® campaign.

    I’d love to see some footage of Porky trying to operate a road grater. He did so well with the nail gun yesterday.

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