The Awful Truth

Dennis Kucinich explains the present day economy.

I usually refrain from invoking the word “truth” for reasons that are too incredibly obvious and yet painfully laborious to explain, but when it becomes quite plainly evident and most especially when its impertinent verity is rudely spoken to power… well, there’s no other word that’s more perfectly appropriate.

Behold — the awful TRUTH.

How to Wax Your Floor…

(Without Slipping & Severing Your Spine)

Author Jerry Bloom visits Today Now to explain how you can make your kitchen floor shine without falling and paralyzing yourself for life.

Related: WCB regulations really suck because they’re so darned finicky about… stuff. Why, the next thing you know, we’ll be living in Stalinist Russia!

Good Questions — No Answers

Okay, it has to be admitted that the vids are entirely skewed in terms of presentation, but what rational response could have been provided?

To paraphrase Desi Arnez, this government has some ‘splainin’ to do…

Update: If you have any reasonable or rationale objections to the budget, then you’re nothing but a lousy WHINER! Thus spake her holiness, St. Sandy the Sanctimonious of the Immaculate Holy Crux, from the sanctity of her devotional shrine to the DIVINE LEADER® (patent pending).

Moost Unusual: MAD Obama

CNN’s Jeanne Moos offers up another of her patented quirky stories; this time covering MAD’s latest magazine cover that spoofs a stressed-out President Obama — cigarettes, Pepto-Bismol, Excedrin and all.

Oh, how I wish that I hadn’t thoughtlessly dumped my HUGE collection of MAD magazines from the 60s that I used to have — they might actually be worth something these days (more than the fiat currency everyone is printing hand over fist, to be sure).

Semi-Related: President Obama received confused silence upon suggesting that his staff might have to “team up with Taurus of Nemedia” to secure the needed funding…

Web Poll


Should the Liberals support the Budget?

It’s a simple proposition… open to anyone, irrespective of party and reason for voting one way or the other.

Update: If you need a relative measure.

Update2: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Brilliant! Absolutely fucking brilliant. Good for Iggy on this one. Let the Conservatives “wear it” and moreover, deliver on the past promises of transparency and accountability. This is going to make me chortle all day long.

Update3: Attention fiscal conservatives — no need to scratch your heads drafting an angry letter to the Conservative Party executive about Harper’s reckless and likely ineffective “whack-a-mole” budget — Patrick M. McIver has already done it for you!