Name that Budget!

The “Whack-a-Mole Budget” is my suggestion.

Somewhat related to that notion, via Jeff comes the following excerpt from CBC’s Politics program this afternoon where Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hébert weigh in with considerable degrees of withering scorn on Flaherty’s latest hapless effort to muddle through the economic turmoil.

Coyne: “I think politically it’s fascinating because you can say that this marks the end of any kind of conservative era in Canadian politics. When the outer bounds of right-wing politics in Canada is running $34 billion deficits, spending more than the Trudeau government ever dreamed, it’s completely impossible now to mount any kind of coherent appeal for mild restraint in the growth of government, let alone trying to roll it back.”

Job Problems

Apparently distraught over “job problems,” a man recently fired from the Kaiser Permanente medical center shot and killed his wife and five young children and then committed suicide this morning at their home south of Los Angeles.

KABC-TV reports the man claimed that before the firing, an administrator told them they should not have come to work and told them “You should have blown your brains out.”

Belated mission accomplished!

It’s one thing to commit suicide (or to engage in a mutual death pact of some kind), but why did they have to kill the children? The monumental selfishness of such people never fails to astound me.

Change Index: Week One

Sure, it’s simplistic, but I kind of like this way of representing “change” as promised by the Obama administration in form of a file transfer. I hope the folks at “Good News” keep it going over time.

“Net Changiness” — excellent.