City of Tunnels

What do you do when you live in a concentration camp? Dig tunnels, of course.

Israeli propaganda refers to the network of underground tunnels only in connection with the smuggling of weapons by Hamas, but rarely is it noted in the media that these provide an economic lifeline of sorts to the people of Gaza and, in fact, most are operated by merchants, not terrorists.


8 Replies to “City of Tunnels”

  1. “Any chance of the ceasefire lasting depends upon Egypt stopping Hamas from smuggling in weapons”

    Yep, that’s definitely true. Israel is never the aggressor. It’s all Hamas’s fault whenever violence starts.

  2. Allen Pizzey. There’s a blast form the past – I used to be a reporter working for his brother Len Pizzey at the Haliburton County Echo for a sumer back in the 80’s.

    Yes sir, the bitterly ironic parallels with the Warsaw Ghetto just keep popping up.

  3. Oh please, RT.

    If you truly believe that the tunnels are controlled by ‘merchants’ and not by Hamas, either directly or indirectly, then I have bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

  4. Clearly he does.

    Here’s the litmus test: Have you suggested that the IDF/Israeli government might be wrong about something?

    If yes, then you are wrong and anyone who says so knows much much much more about the subject than you do.


    I don’t know if this is true, but I’ll tell you what, I’m not ready to pretend that I know what is going on over there at this level of granularity.

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