Lifestyles of the Rich & Bailed Out

Hmmm. Comedians John Gibson and Rush Limbaugh, or Merrill-Lynch’s John Thain. All perfectly wretched human beings in their own special ways, but Thain is definitely the “Worst Person” out of this group. Another villain of Bush’s New Gilded Age.

Funnily enough, the decorator that Thain paid $1.2 million to as Merrill-Lynch was firing employees is… can you guess? Yes! It’s Michael Smith, the very same guy that the Obamas just hired to redecorate the White House. What a small, small world.

A View from the Canadian Embassy

President Obama’s (that still sounds weird) motorcade slowly passing in front of the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. the other day.

I understand that they also had a huge tailgate party in front of the embassy for local ex-pats and Canadian travelers to the inauguration.