A New Era of Transparency

Speaking at a ceremony to swear-in new White House staff, President Obama pledged to introduce a new era of openness and transparency.

We’ll see. Here at home we’ve heard the same high-minded talk from the Conservatives, but with no apparent effect during their three years in power. In fact, it could be argued that things have only gotten worse under Harper — one of the most highly secretive, non-transparent and unaccountable governments in recent memory.

4 Replies to “A New Era of Transparency”

  1. You know, I also remember there being this big public inquiry about the Sponsorship Scandal able to compel testimony by power of subpoena by the same party that was responsible for it too, yet the Harper government has yet to set up any inquiry into anything with any actual power to compel government witnesses and such to testify, including in the Listeriosis affair. I find the Conbot constant refrain about Adscam more than a little offensive when they support a government whose actions appear to have resulted in the entirely preventable deaths of over 20 Canadians for ideological reasons regarding the need for government food safety inspectors. The safety and quality of food is no less important than blood when you get down to it since contamination of either can easily result in illness and/or death, and there was a far more serious inquiry into the tainted blood scandal than in the Listeriosis inquiry set up by Harper. I would call the Listeriosis deaths a significantly more serious affair to need investigating than something like the Sponsorship scandal since in Sponsorship no one DIED

    It is a sad truth that the Liberals were a more transparent, more accountable, and more honest government even in majority than has been the Harper minority, and that the Harper government unlike that Liberal government deliberately reduced the ability of food safety inspectors to do their job and because of this many Canadians DIED that otherwise would not have, and worse out of ideology and not for any practical reason. Then on top of it that government chooses to pretend that an inquiry that has no power to subpoena witnesses is adequate to examine what happened there, get answers for Canadians (especially for the families of the dead) and help prevent it from happening again. That is so obviously an attempt by the Harper government to place damage control ahead of transparency and accountability that only a blind partisan could not see this

    Worse, it is not like this is atypical for this government. Every so called independent inquiry this government has called for in its lifetime has been deliberately limited to prevent examination of the actions of the Harper government in whatever was being investigated. Either they restrict the terms of reference or they restrict the powers of the inquiry or both so as to leave the role of the Conservative politicians and especially the PM unable to be examined even when it clearly is a necessary component of said inquiry, which is especially true in the case of the Listeriosis outbreak. This is the most secretive, least open and accountable government I have ever seen, and I well remember the Mulroney government’s degree of secrecy regarding its own issues where lobbyists were concerned and yet even there Mulroney put the Harper government to shame in terms of being more accountable and open, a truly scary thing to be seeing, especially from a government that came to power pledging a new openness and accountability for the public to see by Harper when he ran against Martin.

  2. Do you remember the biggest corruption era in Canada? John A. McDonald, Conservative – had a vision but boy oh boy was he a corrupt drunk.

    So, settle down CPC trolls – sponsorship came in second. Well, we can’t be sure of that either because we don’t know what we’ll find out about Mulroney during the current inquiry.

    Besides, the players in the Liberal party have changed – it’s a new day, new people.

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