And Then Their Heads Exploded…

At the behest of a student initiative taken shortly after the election, an elementary school near New York City has been renamed after President Barack Obama. Officials with the Hempstead Union Free School District think the school was the country’s first to be named after the first African-American president, although similar efforts to rename schools, parks and streets are underway elsewhere.

You can just imagine the heads of wingnuts exploding all over the place at the news. Or better yet, actually watch for yourself:

A New Era of Transparency

Speaking at a ceremony to swear-in new White House staff, President Obama pledged to introduce a new era of openness and transparency.

We’ll see. Here at home we’ve heard the same high-minded talk from the Conservatives, but with no apparent effect during their three years in power. In fact, it could be argued that things have only gotten worse under Harper — one of the most highly secretive, non-transparent and unaccountable governments in recent memory.

The Day After

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns waxed sentimental (is there a word for pre-emptive nostalgia?) with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC last night about the historical and sociological significance of the nascent Obama presidency. (Included is a cut-away at the end to his appearance at the Neighborhood Ball and the first dance with his wife to the Etta James song “At Last” …)

Okay, enough Obama inauguration stuff already. I certainly wouldn’t want to be accused of being an apologist, a “worshipper” or anything like that, which according to the envious, grousing right-wing hate-puppets known as “The Blogging Tories,” anyone expressing the remotest sense of sincere hope or genuine goodwill towards the new administration must certainly be.

While the media coverage may have grown tiresome in its ubiquity and fulsome praise of the new president and yesterday’s festivities, I have to admit that it was difficult not to be moved by the spectacle of approximately 2 million people on the Mall yesterday, not to mention the general sense of optimism and excitement that the celebration inspired. Unfortunately however, the same feeling isn’t shared by implacable ideological foes (BTs and other heartless whackaloons) who seem more inclined to echo the sentiments of Rush Limbaugh in desperately wanting him to fail. How awfully pathetic.