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Bush Not Dead

Contrary to certain reports.

Meanwhile, his carefully crafted “legacy” has hit a few bumps. The Economist puts the boot into his nads, while over at the Guardian, Jeremy Lott says Bush Derangement Syndrome is the new conventional wisdom.


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White House 2.0

White House 2.0

Change has come to the White House.

Please just don’t start calling it “America’s New Government”… because that would be completely retarded.


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Oath & Inauguration Speech (Full)

I guess we can call him “44” now.

Update: The Justice Roberts flub in detail with even more here.

Update2: A view from the ground.


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Arrest Bush (and Cheney)

Not everyone on the Mall will be filled with goodwill this morning…

I won’t be holding my breath, but it sure would be nice.

Update: End of an Error. History book material, etc.


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