Mission (Temporarily) Accomplished

The LA Times reports: “In declaring a cease-fire Saturday in Gaza, Israel asserted that it had achieved its goals: hurting Hamas’ military wing, discouraging rocket fire into Israel and cutting the flow of smuggled arms into Gaza. But Israel had a broader goal: sending a tough message to its arch-enemies Iran and Hezbollah.”

Unfortunately, many people like the Sammouni family in Gaza City were on the receiving end of that “tough message” from Israel. The IDF demolished their house yesterday AFTER ordering them to remain in it for safety.

Twenty-seven members of the family died. An estimated 90 people remain trapped in the rubble. And so the wheel of retribution turns…

9 Replies to “Mission (Temporarily) Accomplished”

  1. Don’t forget the “message” to all those voters in the upcoming Israeli election. It’s all about being “tough” after all.

  2. Twenty-seven members of the family died. An estimated 90 people remain trapped in the rubble. And so the wheel of retribution turns…

    Big house .

  3. What a mess.

    Hamas will agree to the ceasefire if Israel leaves within a week. Does that mean no rockets?

    And if they leave within a weak, Hamas will require open borders so they can re-arm.

    And then Hamas will demand complete autonomy. Then Hamas will demand apologies for all the dead Palestinians. And then Hamas will demand….

    And at no point will they try to govern their people wisely, or show any remorse for their own actions.

    Shaking hands with the devil?

    What a mess, but at least now there is a ceasefire and the chance for more.

  4. There’s no denying that it’s a mess although placing all of the blame on one side probably doesn’t do much to clarify things. Plenty of that to go around it seems…

    When I first heard about the “demands” of Hamas contingent on their ceasefire — i.e., that the IDF withdraw from Gaza — my first thought was: “Or what? You’ll die some more?” Pathetic.

  5. Hamas is holding their own people for ransom to meet political ends. Its tragic.

    Hopefully, “Mike” and your earlier post is correct and Israel is acting with the tacit support of other arab states. If so, that brings me a feeling that Hamas will be asked to toe some line. Not just by the international community but also the arab states that have been feeding them.

    Is Iran one of their direct sponsors?

  6. Since not for glory,riches or honour do we fight..but for liberty alone,which no true man loses but with his life.
    Certainly not in order to win an election…Hamas already did that.

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