Six Into None

Sad to learn that Patrick McGoohan passed away Tuesday in Los Angeles at the age of 80 after a short illness of some kind.

Best known as the creator, star and occasional writer of the cryptic series The Prisoner, but also personally much loved as the deliciously vile “Edward Longshanks” in Braveheart (one of my favourite villains), McGoohan was always a fascinating delight to watch.

The following clips are from Six Into One: The Prisoner File, a half-hour documentary that was screened by Channel 4 following a repeat of the final Prisoner episode ( “Fall Out” ) in 1984, and for some strange reason has never been rerun by the station or made available on DVD.

Margolis on Hamas

The first two parts of a great interview with author Eric Margolis and Paul Jay of Real News about Hamas and its relationship to the Arab world.

According to Margolis, Hamas is more of a threat to corrupt Arab regimes than to Israel — a contention that seems beyond dispute.