Volkswaffe: Nazi Flying Cars

I find this incredibly hard to believe, but according to documents, declassified footage, and eyewitness accounts, the Nazis apparently tried to turn Ferdinand Porsche’s “people’s car” into an agile, lightweight fighter aircraft.

As can be seen from the footage, the results of the Luftwaffe’s harebrained efforts at constructing death-dealing Herbies were thoroughly unsuccessful.

History of a Conflict

If you’re looking for a quick refresher course on the history of Israel and Palestine, this account by Charles Smith, professor of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona is quite fascinating.

The third part of the film (up to the first and second intifadas) is available at the Alternate Focus screening room.

Smith was a Fulbright scholar in Egypt, and served as a member of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He’s published scholarly articles on many topics, including Egyptian Islam, Anglo-French imperialism in the Middle East, and nationalism and identity.