Harper to Drown in Deficit

Drowning in Debt

One might think that the prospect of THE STEPHEN HARPER GOVERNMENT® tabling deficits topping $40 BILLION for years to come might have caused some widespread degree of alarm amongst the so-called “Conservatives” posting over at “The Blogging Tories”… But of course you’d be entirely wrong.

Aside from a couple of minor grumbles, there’s barely a whimper of protest or any mention whatsoever about this truly shocking reversal of course from the same bunch of chuckleheads that had a shrieking conniption over the prospect of a $30 billion deficit when it was advanced by the Liberal-NDP “Coalition” before parliament was abruptly shut down last month.

So, how did we go from a “Conservative” government that recently vowed never, ever, under any circumstances, would it return to deficit spending and a leader that just weeks before the last fruitless, self-serving, cynical, and technically “illegal” election claimed that “All the fundamentals of the Canadian economy are good” and said “It’s not the time to do anything new, wild or stupid…” to plunging headfirst into years of massive deficits?

22 Replies to “Harper to Drown in Deficit”

  1. O/T RT – you live in Victoria so I was wondering how it is there weather/floods, etc.

    Been trying to reach my husband’s niece to no avail – she could be at her in-laws.

  2. Sandi — No flooding here… that’s over on the lower mainland (mostly in the Fraser Valley). But wind, rain… rain and more f*cking RAIN! It’s cold, gloomy and completely miserable — more on the way tomorrow, the forecast says. The last grotty, unsightly remains of the freakish snowfall finally melted away the other day, but everything is soaked.

  3. I think it all comes from having a sports approach to life. What turned me away from going to hockey games (aside from the cost and the incessant noise) was the disregard for the actual game. It really has become “Our team right or wrong”. We are slipping into the “USA USA” approach to everything. Cons don’t see the problems with their decisions because ,of course,they just can’t allow themselves to.

  4. I say, let him drown. He’s brought it on himself. If you run for political office by telling everyone that you’re a fiscal conservative and an expert economist, then you’d better be able to deliver on these things.

    On both counts, Harper has failed miserably — and has even attempted to lie to Canadians about his abysmal track record.

  5. Well, since we’re going off-topic and talking about the weather, allow me to rub it in 😉

    We have had sunshine all day today, it’s been so warm I went outside in short sleeves. The sun is so bright you’d have don 10 pairs of sunglasses. Best of all, this kind of weather is forecast to continue …

  6. I know we don’t have any attention span, but just how stunning is it, that in matter of WEEKS we go from a small surplus to a herculian deficit. The most colossal flip flop in Canadian history?? Seriously.

  7. Werner — I saw that 5 degree temp in Calgary today and thought about how nice that must have been.

    Lots of good things to say about the winter weather in Alberta. Many good memories of clear, sunny days in Edmonton in the middle of January with glittering ice crystals filling the sky… (Actually much more pleasant than the depressing and wildly unpredictable summers…)

  8. Off-topic, but on that supposed Obama trip to Ottawa, from the Globe following up on Press Secretary Bob Fife’s CTV report:

    “Mr. Obama’s transition aides said Saturday that Mr. Obama and Mr. Harper hadn’t talked about the trip directly and Mr. Teneycke said it was too soon to say whether the president-elect would address Parliament.”

  9. RC — You joke, but it’s not that far from the truth. Some of those asinine fuckwits are actually still raising the sponsorship scandal when now we’re talking about expenditures that make whatever money was misspent at the time look like peanuts.

  10. Because of the US generated financial crisis developing during the last 2 weeks of the election, and because the price of gas already had them whining, a certain % of Canadians voted with their pocket books because Mr Harper is an ECONOMIST and Mr Dion is an ENVIRONENTALIST. Before the election, Canadians in polls said the biggest concern was the environment and after that,if I remember right, hospital beds and healthcare.
    Having an ECONOMIST for PM made a certain % of Canadians feel secure.

  11. Having an ECONOMIST for PM made a certain % of Canadians feel secure.

    I wonder if the average Canadian actually knew that Harper was an economist. (Yes, it was in all the papers, but how many people actually read them?) The ads the Conservatives put out didn’t really emphasize this point. (My memory could be wrong about this — there was a sweater vest, Dion not being a leader, Dion being bad for the economy….)

    As for whether economists are good at managing an economy — been reading Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang, and he notes that a number of countries that grew in the post-war period in East-Asia tended to have third-rate economists at their helm.

    “Japanese economic officials may have been ‘first-best,’ but they were certainly not economists — they were mostly lawyers by training…. In Taiwan, most key economic bureaucrats were engineers and scientists, rather than economists, as is the case in China today. Korea also had a high proportion of lawyers in its economic bureaucracy until the 1970s….

    “It is entirely reasonable to say that we need smart people to run good economic policy. But those ‘smart people’ do not have to be Professor Winters’s first-best economists.’

  12. This is why I quit the Tories and joined the Liberals. The Tories are a bunch of “do as I say, not as I do” folks. To paraphrase what Chretien said during the 1993 election, “It’s true, God gave me a deformity and I can only talk out of one side of my mouth. At least I’m not a Tory, and talking out of both sides of my mouth.”

  13. Well, for what it’s worth – Bush and Harper have the same degree in economics (see Daryl Raymaker’s blog on Bush’s resume – it’s quite good).

  14. I don’t know what Harper’s economic credentials are, but if you took his advice and invested in the stock market when he said there were cheap buys out there, you’d be looking for nearest window now.

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