Collective Punishment?

Oh, the irony…

It seems our friend Canadian Cynic has challenged those of us bloggers that have elected to subscribe to the Liblogs aggregator to make a rather uncomfortable, Procrustean choice:

Apparently, if you’re a member of Liblogs, you have a right to Jason Cherniak’s opinion. So I’m going to make this really simple: Resolve this, or go bye-bye from the CC HQ blogroll.

Look, I don’t happen to agree with Jason on many of his positions and quite likely the reverse is true — we have many differences of opinion about various matters and have parted ways over numerous policy/leadership issues. In my view, this has always been the good thing about Liblogs and the LPC in general. It’s the proverbial “big tent” as they say and as a somewhat aimless and disenfranchised “Red Tory” I’ve always been happy to temporarily camp out there… pissing in an outward, rather than inward direction as the Lincoln-era analogy goes.

So here’s the bottom line: It’s Jason’s pop-stand and he’s fully within his prerogative to kick me off Liblogs at any time if what I write is ideologically disagreeable or otherwise objectionable to him — likewise, Canadian Cynic can punt me from his blogroll if it serves to prove some “point” that he wants to make. It’s all a bit pissy and small-minded if you ask me, but whatever…

I’m something of a free-speech absolutist so will just resolutely continue to fart along on that path. Other folks can use their supposed influence in the Blogosphere as they see fit to do so.

Harper to Drown in Deficit

Drowning in Debt

One might think that the prospect of THE STEPHEN HARPER GOVERNMENT® tabling deficits topping $40 BILLION for years to come might have caused some widespread degree of alarm amongst the so-called “Conservatives” posting over at “The Blogging Tories”… But of course you’d be entirely wrong.

Aside from a couple of minor grumbles, there’s barely a whimper of protest or any mention whatsoever about this truly shocking reversal of course from the same bunch of chuckleheads that had a shrieking conniption over the prospect of a $30 billion deficit when it was advanced by the Liberal-NDP “Coalition” before parliament was abruptly shut down last month.

So, how did we go from a “Conservative” government that recently vowed never, ever, under any circumstances, would it return to deficit spending and a leader that just weeks before the last fruitless, self-serving, cynical, and technically “illegal” election claimed that “All the fundamentals of the Canadian economy are good” and said “It’s not the time to do anything new, wild or stupid…” to plunging headfirst into years of massive deficits?

H&C: Final Show

Twelve years of being Sean Hannity’s “on air punching bag” (to quote Al Franken) finally came to an end yesterday for Allan Colmes, the token liberal of Fox News.

Truth be told, I don’t think Franken and some of his harsher liberal critics were entirely justified in trivializing the contribution of Colmes to that program. No, it wasn’t an entirely “fair and balanced” presentation by any means (clearly, Hannity was always the real “star” of the show and things were skewed in his favour), but as far as these sorts of programs go, it wasn’t really all that bad and Colmes did a reasonably good job of representing the liberal side of the equation.

On the new program (unsurprisingly called “Hannity”), a recurring segment will be the The Hate Hannity Hotline, a compilation of voice mails and videos from dissenting listeners of the host’s syndicated radio show. Now that promises to be an entertaining treat!