Ignatieff-Trudeau Interview

Interesting. I’d never seen this before. A youngish Michael Ignatieff in conversation with Pierre Trudeau about his years in office and legacy.

More here.

Update: The video has been pulled from YouTube and the account shut down. Why… Who knows?



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15 responses to “Ignatieff-Trudeau Interview

  1. A Jerk

    Is this one where Trudeau calls the Americans “we” 52 times?

    Oh right, that was the other guy.

    So easy to mix them up.

  2. That’s funny “jerk”, because when I was watching it, you couldn’t help notice the timeframe, which just happened to be during the middle of the supposed “abroad” period. A little evidence of intimacy of Canada, despite physical residence. I think Harper was telling Americans what a shit hole Canada was at the time, for context.

    BTW, is Gretzky still Canadian?

  3. Steve — ZING!

    That thought crossed my mind also, but wasn’t the point of posting this. It just struck me as a somewhat interesting and noteworthy exchange.

  4. It is definitely an interesting exchange, noteworthy for their matching grey sport coats and awful blue and yellow shirts… um. ya.

    Seriously though, thanks for pointing this out RT. Shall watch the rest of it tonight.

  5. RT

    I’m glad you posted it, pretty interesting for sure.

  6. Amazing how celebrities like Gretzky, Peter Jennings, Walt Disney, William Shatner, Keanu Reeves, Mike Myers, Martin Short, Celine Dion, and many, many more are taken as Canadians when they win awards or acclaim even though they’ve been out of Canada for decades.

    Ignatieff looked like a model – very handsome I must say. Trudeau, even older, never lost that old charisma.

  7. Don’t forget Canada’s greatest national music treasure, Neil Young, who last lived in Canada when dinosaurs roamed the badlands, but still wins Juno awards.

  8. philosoraptor

    Red, not sure if you caught the front page article of the G&M, but it seems Harper has definitively thrown out his current strategy of ‘confidence measure bombardment’ on the House, and has chosen instead to appoint outgoing Senators immediately in an attempt to control the Senate by next January.

    All-or-nothing Harper

  9. knb

    Really interesting RT. Thanks for the link to the series.

  10. Dave — Yes, I noticed that but didn’t come away from it with any particular opinion. To be honest, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. It’s funny I suppose that the same guy who fatuously yammers on about “democracy” is now going to place his bets on the power wielded by the upper chamber appointed by the PMO. We’ll see how his appointees perform in practice, I guess. I like to amuse myself by thinking that our Senate is capable of rising above the whipped partisan divide more typical of the HOC.

  11. Very smooth, Red. I take it you have an old video of Power with Richard Gere tucked away in some box. =;-D

    BTW, re the nationalist tangents, for several years now on the CBC broadcast that has the highest ratings (HNIC), when an American team is up against the Buds, the opening remark for the anthems is: “Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the singing of OUR national anthems.”

    And currently we have this Obama slop getting cranked out on CBC2. It is nauseous. The nachinations of the state have come a long way since the days of cranking out phonograph disks on the backs of flatbed trucks. NAU is a river in Egypt.

    In the mean time we can lay claim to a national identity courtesy of a beer commercial.

  12. SR — Actually, I’ve never seen that film so the reference (and charge being imputed) is a bit lost on me. Sorry. 😦

    Your remark about “the days of cranking out phonograph disks on the backs of flatbed trucks” made me think of that wonderful Python sketch about the Minehead, Somerset by-election.

  13. Power is mostly noteworthy for the oddity where the political consultant that Gere plays actually makes a shitload of money, flies in a private plane, has good-looking blondes hanging off his arm like candy, and is generally in all other ways unlike every consultant I’ve ever met! It’s a late eighties film, so the clothes might match the video?

    The Candidate with Robert Redford on the other hand, is the single most realistic political film of all time. Brilliant! And very seventies-style. Like the Trudeau era.

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