Obama: Not Progressive Enough

I have this somewhat disturbing sense too, but much like Pete am willing for the time being to just “wait and see and stay hopeful and stay cheerful until I really see something start to happen…”

I suspect he’s also bang on about Obama being most likely to govern “just to the right of the left.”

Ignatieff-Trudeau Interview

Interesting. I’d never seen this before. A youngish Michael Ignatieff in conversation with Pierre Trudeau about his years in office and legacy.

More here.

Update: The video has been pulled from YouTube and the account shut down. Why… Who knows?

Redefining Success

Cyclone Helicopter

This would be almost funny if it wasn’t.

It was considered a positive step when the federal government announced plans to replace the Canadian Forces’ aged Sea Kings with new helicopters. This $5-billion contract, officials said, included fixed costs and stiff penalties for late delivery. The first helicopter was to have been delivered last month.

But two days before Christmas, Defence Minister Peter MacKay revealed that the new Cyclone helicopters would be at least two years late in arriving.

Instead of imposing the $36-million penalty for late delivery called for in the contract, the government has agreed to pay Sikorsky, the U.S. manufacturer, an extra $117 million. Arbitration is continuing on the company’s claim for what has been reported to be up to $500 million in extra payments.

Minister of Public Works and Government Services Christian Paradis described the two year delay and additional costs as a “significant accomplishment.”