Joe the War Correspondent

Given the current state of the American economy, can it be long before Phil the Bricklayer, Rose the Teacher, Tom the Carpenter, Tito the Builder and so on are cynically recruited by Pajamas Media to join up with Joe Wurzelbacher to provide “average Joe Jew” stories from the Gaza conflict?

“Being a Christian, I’m pretty well protected…” Uh huh.



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15 responses to “Joe the War Correspondent

  1. Torontonian

    Joe wasn’t much of a plumber so he can’t be much of a reporter either.

  2. southernquebec

    I think that you have to look at this in context. At PajamasMedia he is probably over qualified. Besides, all of the MSM has picked up the story, so the people at PM are happy. They will get even more coverage. If something should happen to Joe…….

  3. Ti-Guy

    We are swimming in stupid.

  4. Well, he claims he’s trying to bring balance to the overly liberal media. A real brain might be a good start.

    Good thing he didn’t decide to be a brain surgeon.

  5. It’s a shame, I had completely forgotton about McCain’s Plumber.

  6. Snerd Gronk

    What is it with (R)z and plumbers anyway …?

    This plumber isn’t being hired to clear a clog, but to go to one and stir it up.

    Wouldn’t it be a surprise to him if he discovered the average Israel were opposed to such ‘military solutions’?


  7. benalbanach

    A running mate in the making for Sarah Palin ?

  8. SG — His “reporting” could be interesting.

    I suppose in fairness we should wait and see, but at first glance it seems like kind of an absurd stunt by PJM.

  9. Snerd Gronk

    Yes, one should wait and see. You are much more intellectually gracious than I. His ‘reporting’ could be ‘interesting’, but it won’t be I venture.

    However, if I heard him ‘(R)ight’, he’s going over there to report on a ‘fixed’ view, formed before he even gets there … You know… Investigative journalism – Let’s investigate my biases so as to validate my prejudices, or as TiG put it when commenting on one’s ability for self (R)eflection, ‘downing in stupid’.

    What really is being reflected here for me, is not so much the vice or folly of one individual, but that a corporate or political entity finds ‘leverage’ in such vice and folly …. (R) McCarthy Era, but one fueled more by vitriol than fear.


  10. Given the dubious nature of the whole premise it’s a little difficult to see how he will come up with anything that doesn’t simply confirm his prejudices, but life is full of surprises. So, it could be an interesting experiment in amateur journalism or a gratuitous wankfest. I like to keep an open mind to things (often to my regret)…

  11. Snerd Gronk

    REd: “… it could be an interesting experiment in amateur journalism or a gratuitous wankfest. I like to keep an open mind to things …”

    SG: There you go with your biases again!


  12. Knowing the Pajama Party, it will be a wankfest pathetically trying to pass itself off as amateur journalism, and failing epically.

  13. beluga2

    Heh. You won’t believe what just happened to me. I hallucinated that I was watching a report about Joe the Plumber going over to Gaza to be a news correspondent. I kid you not! Joe the Fucking Plumber!

    Man, that does it, no more drugs for me….

  14. Its journalistic burlesque. And if that wasn’t enough you have this guy

    Can’t wait for the cage match.

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