Joe the War Correspondent

Given the current state of the American economy, can it be long before Phil the Bricklayer, Rose the Teacher, Tom the Carpenter, Tito the Builder and so on are cynically recruited by Pajamas Media to join up with Joe Wurzelbacher to provide “average Joe Jew” stories from the Gaza conflict?

“Being a Christian, I’m pretty well protected…” Uh huh.

Coultergeist: IT’S ALIVE!

WARNING: The following clips may be disturbing to sentient humans.

“If there’s something in the news that she has a vital view on, then I think we would consider having her back on. In terms of having her back on just to be outrageous, that probably wouldn’t happen.” — Matt Lauer

Until of course, quite predictably, it does.

But wait, there’s more!

There you go… Richard Nixon, George Bush, Joe McCarthy and Tom DeLay are “real victims” of those awful, mean-spirited, America-hating, Godless, vile, corrupt, despicable, fascistic, evil, immoral, and infernally oppressive liberals… Oh, and single mothers (responsible for most of society’s ills, apparently) — at least according to multi-millionaire author, Palm Beach denizen and inveterate bullshit-spewing douchebag A. Hart Coulter.

The (“#@(*&%^) Blagojevich Burger

It seems that a Chicago eatery has created an “expletive” burger in honor of embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich…

Okay, so here’s your challenge, boys and girls… What do you think would be in the Harper Burger (or, if you prefer, the Iggy, Layton, Dion or May Burgers).