Moronic Petroom

And this is helpful… HOW, exactly?

While I can certainly appreciate the feeling of being rather underwhelmed or somewhat dissatisfied by the official equivocations issued by the LPC with regards to the Israeli attacks on Gaza, to suggest there’s a direct connection between Ignatieff’s carefully parsed statement regarding the conflict and the tragic death of 40 people in the bombing of a school run by the United Nations is, quite frankly, depraved and utterly reprehensible.

With all due respect: FUCK OFF.

13 Replies to “Urgh”

  1. Well said RT. Now that Harper has blamed the Israeli shellfire on Hamas, let’s pause to remember this guy and what the Israelis did to him just two years ago:

    Major Paeta Hess-von Kruedener.

  2. WG — Thanks. A bit of a harsh reaction, I’ll admit, but the allegation in title of the post by “Petroom” is completely beyond the pale.

  3. It’s your site, you an write what you want. This Israeli-Palestine really brings out the gutter ball nastiness out of people! I’m not saying you RT, but with many of the sites I’ve surfed. Yikes. It seems if someone expresses any opinion someone’s going to douse you with petrol and light a match. Petroom didn’t express an opinion, that’s not a rational discussion of recent events, people like those have no place in this debate.

  4. I don’t imagine such people are really seeking any kind of serious “debate” about the issue, but are just cynically using it a vehicle for their own agenda(s) or prejudiced opinions.

  5. So, Red, this isn’t about the depravations and abuse heaped on these people, it’s just a crass exploitation of their suffering to advance personal opinion? I’ve been around a good bit longer than you my friend and I can tell you that’s not an allegation you throw out without some proof. Bring it on or stow it.

  6. Obviously, I can’t “prove” such an allegation — it’s more just my opinion than anything else (which is why I said that I didn’t imagine — key word there — “debate” was the primary intent, but rather that they perhaps have some axe to grind).

    If someone wants to directly blame or implicate the Liberal Party of Canada for the death of forty people (a very serious charge) resulting from the Israeli bombing of a schoolhouse in the Middle East then I can only wonder why they would want to do so.

  7. MoS — In a follow up post, “Petroom” wrote:

    I cannot support this. As a Liberal, I do not like Mr. Ignatieff, as the party leader, accepting the risks of manslaughter in Israel and Gaza on my behalf. I am now guilty in the killing of humans.

    Well, that may be so, but I can tell you that I’m not going to consider myself complicit or “guilty” in the killing of other people simply because of a less than satisfactory official equivocation on the part of the LPC.

    For the record, I do not approve of the tactics of the IDA/IDF and don’t feel the action of the Israeli government is warranted or necessary as a self-defense measure (not to mention the fact that it may well be driven by rather crass political motives and ultimately self-defeating).

    I’m also not happy with the LPC’s position on this issue and most especially the latest statement issued by Ignatieff about Israel’s “right to defend itself”

    That said however, wildly radicalizing the matter in such an extreme way as “Petroom” has done and making all Liberals complicit partners in “war crimes” and “massacres” (to use the inflammatory terms utilized by some people like Robert Fisk) is, as I suggested, not helpful in the least.

    I believe there are better ways of registering serious disagreement and think that emotional hysterics and dramatic, guilt-ridden outbursts actually undermine those efforts.

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