Notes From the Touchline

The Conservatives’ favourite fat wheezy boy with the half-time oranges and the note from matron writes thusly:

Michael Ignatieff was also in attendence [sic] but only for the gold medal game. The Liberal leader and grandson of a Minister to a Russian tsar [sic] took a break from writing a book on his family history long enough to recognize the tournament and descend to mingle with the masses. Ignatieff had a rare chance of witnessing a Canadian hockey victory while living in Canada – the distinguished academic has been largely abroad since the late 60s. A friend joked that Ignatieff told TSN, “I am a fan of the game of hockey, but not necessarily a hockey fan.” For the two men, Harper and Ignatieff, hockey underscores a vital political strength or weakness. For the Prime Minister, voters select someone they see in themselves and they pick someone who understands and shares their concerns. For Ignatieff, voters will sever him if he cannot genuinely tie himself with the threads that line our hearts.

Good grief, what a massive shitload of bollocks.


Moronic Petroom

And this is helpful… HOW, exactly?

While I can certainly appreciate the feeling of being rather underwhelmed or somewhat dissatisfied by the official equivocations issued by the LPC with regards to the Israeli attacks on Gaza, to suggest there’s a direct connection between Ignatieff’s carefully parsed statement regarding the conflict and the tragic death of 40 people in the bombing of a school run by the United Nations is, quite frankly, depraved and utterly reprehensible.

With all due respect: FUCK OFF.

Jett Blues

Perhaps it seems a bit curmudgeonly to say so, but I just loathe the habit of making spontaneous shrines out of flowers and memorabilia when people (usually “celebrities” but not always) kick the bucket.

Besides, doesn’t the heavily tattooed Ms. McCarty know that according to Mr. Travolta’s harebrained belief system, his son will be “reborn” after having been taken back to Mars for “re-implantation” then frozen before being reintroduced into the oceans of Teegeeack (that’s “Earth” to you and me) from whence he will somehow mysteriously infest a new human baby on his inexorable path to realizing his true nature as an immortal “thetan” … or something like that.

China’s Coalface

Chinese filmmaker Yao Shaobin’s documentary film (excerpted here on the excellent Al Jazeera series “People & Power”) describes the harsh reality of China’s coal mines that provide the raw energy fueling that country’s remarkable economic boom.

We often hear about China’s staggering number of new coal-fired power plants with respect to the debate about climate-change, but rarely give much thought to the actual origins of that coal or, more specifically, to the daily grind endured by the millions (itself an astounding figure) of miners involved in the process of excavating “black gold” that are brutally exploited with little regard for safety or human welfare, most especially in the case of migrant workers that are “two a penny” in the thousands of “illegal” (i.e., privately-run) mine operations of China’s coal belt. How sadly ironic.

The “Anti-Semitism” Card

Blind Leading the Blind

Hey, if Ezra wants to play the game of equating the outspoken and highly arguable opinions of some Liberal bloggers regarding the Israeli military assault on Gaza as being representative of the party’s mindset in general, then I can hardly wait to retaliate in kind with respect to the Conservative Party of Canada as represented by some of the, um, “interesting” opinions of “The Blogging Tories” — heavily populated as that aggregator is with bizarre cranks, illiterate morons, disgruntled shut-ins, psychotic loons, drooling sociopaths, bigots, racists, homophobes, Christo-fascists, and other delightful “characters”…

Update: Well, SIX HOURS after posting a comment on the blog of MR. FREE SPEECH, still no comments. Busy “moderating” or doing… whatever, I guess. Hardly a practice inclined to promote an open dialog, I’d say. Oh, and here’s something kind of amusing… it seems that Ezra’s “link” to Warren Kinsella’s site (attempting to “prove” something or other) actually goes to the source code of his post. Weird or just completely inept? Bottom line: USELESS.