WHJC: Canada #1 x 5

Yay. (Unless you’re Swedish, in which case, not so much.)

Note: Volume has to be cranked all the way up to hear the commentary. Also, the Dear Leader (a reputed hockey enthusiast and author of a mythical yet oft-mentioned book on the subject) makes a brief appearance at 1:25 looking, um, “Harperish”…

Third-Hand Bullshit

While predisposed (for obvious reasons) to a high degree of skepticism with respect to this latest effort by zealous health-purists (aka “Nazis”) to thoroughly demonize smoking and exterminate the last vestiges of the tobacco habit from existence, the claims being made here seem rather dubious at best.

I especially love the imaginatively rendered depictions of toxic residue on household furniture and car interiors in this piece. Presumably, this high-tech conjuring is intended to convince viewers beyond all possible doubt that this newly discovered phenomenon is actually “real” and not just tenuous hyperbole. Also, pay close attention to the expressions “we know” that go completely unchallenged. Urgh.

Whither Ignatieff?

From the same shopworn chucklehead who last week inexplicably ventured “smart money” on Harper likely exiting stage right this year, now comes the latest inane prattle — this time chiding Michael Ignatieff for his low-profile debut as Liberal leader.

Sorry Larry, but you lost me at “Archduke”…

That one single iota of rhetorical effort should be needed to dispel the profound silliness of the casual assertions and logical dingleberries of this deeply unserious hack perhaps says more to the desperate vacuum of Canadian political news we find ourselves in at the moment than anything else.

The Gaza Yada, Yada…

TPM really comes into its own (not to mention living up to is name) with these mash-ups of the Sunday yak-shows and their often wickedly funny “Day in 100 Second” spots.

Having watched most of the shows involved here, this isn’t entirely representative of the full gamut of issues discussed, but naturally the Israeli attacks in Gaza dominated discussions. As noted by TPM, the shows “had far more questions to offer than solutions to the crisis.”

With regards to comments made on a prior thread referencing a couple of postings by Peter Hitchens I had recommended as worthwhile reading that were quite harshly regarded by some, understand that I wasn’t necessarily aligning myself with his position in its entirety, but more just appreciating what I regarded as reasonable and fair-minded ambivalence when coming to grips with the irrational mindset involved on all sides.

It never fails to amaze me how anyone can approach the insane clusterfuck of history, politics, nationalism and religion that is the perpetual conflict between Israel and Palestine with absolute certainty and righteously unmitigated conviction, but such is the case it seems…

Update: How timely. What Marty Kaplan said.