Senator Franken

That might take some getting used to, especially for Republicans.

Maybe it’s appropriate that more than any other, this particular race offered some welcome comedy relief.

Some additional yuks regarding this issue can be found here.

Why Israel is Wrong

Gaza Bombing

Before getting too worked up about that bald assertion, I’d strongly suggest reading Peter Hitchen’s latest posting in the Daily Mail. Sensibly ignoring the “blame game” for the most part and cutting through the conventional spin from supporters on both sides, the younger Hitch sets out the case why Israel’s action is wrong morally and gravely mistaken politically:

First of all, the action will not achieve the aim that Israeli politicians claim for it.

Hamas missile raids on Sderot and other towns could be stopped only if Israel permanently reoccupied the Gaza strip from end to end. This is impossible.

The operation’s real purpose is to improve the standing of two politicians, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak, in impending elections.

Nobody should die for such a motive. Israel’s supporters should ask themselves this simple question: What do the leaders of Hamas hope to achieve by firing rockets at Israel?

The answer, quite obviously, is that they wish to provoke Israel into just this sort of futile, self-damaging retaliation.

A lengthier piece from earlier in the week elaborates on this position along with some broader observations on the nature of the conflict that are both fair-minded and thought provoking. Again, highly recommended reading.