New Year’s Eve in 100 Seconds

Nice to finally see the backside of the last year. Good riddance!

Your mileage may have varied of course, but it was a fairly craptacular year by most standards (e.g., “global economic meltdown” amongst other shitty things that happened) and personally one that I’d rather forget for various reasons.

18 Replies to “New Year’s Eve in 100 Seconds”

  1. Happy New Year, RT. Best of luck.

    I missed the countdown. I sat here drinking, played my Call of Duty the kids got me for Christmas, and forgot all about reality. It was nice.

  2. 2008 has been a bit of a slog on this end too.

    Got no reason to think it’ll be different in ’09, but no reason to believe it won’t get better either …. The benefit of not being able to see into the future, I suppose.

    For what it’s worth, being able to stop by here improved my 2008, REd. All the best my friend …


  3. Have a great ’09 RT. I hope that for you, personally, it’s a big improvement over last year. Keep up the terrific posts which are always interesting!

  4. The first six months are going to be very tough for everyone … we just have to hang-in tight.

    Happy New Year anyway! Hopefully we will come out of this deflationary spin earlier than expected.

    Ah well, off to prepare the Roast of Beef …

  5. Well 2008 was the first great year for me after a few crappy ones in a row, so I can attest that things do change.

    Which means 2009 might just be wonderful for you RT! And hopefully for the rest of us. 😉

    P.S. My husband says the bottom has been hit, and the credit markets are ever so slightly loosening, based on what he sees at work. So the economy might just recover soon, provided the new US govt and our current one actually help stimulate the economy. If they don’t we’ll just go sideways for long long time. Cross your fingers, everyone!

  6. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
    – Charles Darwin

    …hopefully the changes in your life opens doors to happiness and peace.

  7. Happy New Year RT
    Things don’t change much in this little corner of Canada.BTW the storm isn’t as bad as the news tries to make it. Looking forward to a better 2009

  8. Unless you change your ways, like been an online bully, making fun of a person who has a writing disability, passing yourself off as the better writer, things will not change, the way you disgraced yourself attacking this person reflects on what kind of personality you have, you exposed your true self and refused to apologize for your behaviour. Making fun of this person, online, and not retracting it, was the most disgusting thing I saw in 08. And those who show support for this type of postings, are also at fault, and guilty of supporting what you did. It shows the heart of a man, when one admits the wrong he has done. Even if it was inadvertently done at the time, you have been told eventually and still refused to take this site down. You have the heart and the mind of a very small man, for the sake of your reputation, I strongly suggest you take this site down and print a retraction to your mistake, time heals all, and a well written retraction would make amends.
    “Funny, but I always thought “mainstream” was all one word. Go figure”
    “Okay, so immediately it’s fairly obvious that we’re not dealing with an essayist of the finest caliber here”
    “Again with the “self-actualization” thing… Urgh. What is that, three times now in one post?”
    “Need to take a deep breath after that one.”

    “It’s really not my intention to get into a flaming contest with this individual as I suspect such an endevour would be supremely futile and a complete waste of time/effort.”
    To call a person with a disability stupid is disgusting, but to continue and keep the mistake you made floating around is unforgivable. Here is my confusion, if this person was not worth your time as you said, why did you even bother? Other than been a nasty little man. Is this who you are?

    So what are you going to do in 09?

    To make a point, your spelling is not exactly up to par either, but you do not see me making fun of the way you write, point in case, caliber is usually spelled calibre, and endevour is endeavour, so you see, nobody is perfect.

  9. Agreed, RT. 2008 was at best ‘uneven’ for me and I’m looking forward to a better 2009. Hmmm, it just occured to me that there could be some great NYE parties next December as we move into 2010.

  10. I’ve never been that thrilled with the whole NYE “event” — seems like more of an expensive hassle than anything else.

    Things are off to a great start here. Turned out that my son got decked by some angry (jealous) drunk at a party on Wednesday night and ended up spending about six hours in the ER before heading off to the “emergency dentist” to get some critical work done on Thursday morning.

    Apparently there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll keep his teeth and may need two root canals. And of course he’s got no dental insurance…

    So yesterday was a fairly miserable day all around.

  11. RT, I’m so sorry to hear about your son.

    A little unsolicited assvice if I may? Can he get coverage for his teeth from the homeowner of the party, or the bar owner? Homeowners insurance covers this exact sort of thing, especially if the guy who hit him was the owner, or it was your son’s house. Bar owners carry liability insurance for this as well.

    Alternatively, maybe BC has a better criminal injuries compensation plan than Ontario’s?

    Might be worth inquiring, just in case he needs something more extensive, like implants, in which case, a lawsuit, or even just a threatening letter from a lawyer could get him some cash.

  12. Yeah, it was a pretty crappy start to the year for the poor guy.

    Unfortunately, he was the homeowner (or renter, actually) and I’m not sure what coverage his policy (if any) would provide. I haven’t heard back from him regarding whether there’s any kind of civil recourse he can take against his assailant or if it will be considered a criminal matter, etc. Of course whether this other fellow gets charged does him no good, but there should be some kind of consequence involved. Compensation of some sort would obviously be good, but then I’ve got no idea what the other guy’s financial situation is being a 20-something.

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