7 Replies to ““Stunningly Superficial””

  1. You gotta love how Scarborough tries to hide his blatant ignorance on the subject behind the “international community”. That somehow if Joe’s wrong then the whole “international community” is wrong.

    As for Mika, it’s surprising to me how far that apple’s fallen from the tree. If she possesses even half the intelligence of her father you’d never know it from watching her.

  2. Joe’s a tool. Always has been. Always will be. He’ll occasionally have glimpses of coherence, but mostly he’ll regurgitate tired RNC talking points. His big claim to fame was that he was a young, “newt” Republican congressman who’s intern ended up dead.

    I would say that you’re being rather generous with Mika…or maybe my standards are too high? 🙂

  3. It’s so refreshing to hear Brzezinski reflect a little depth of knowledge on this subject. Scarbourough hardly bears singling out, he is right when he says that his POV is shared by most of the mainstream media.

    I strongly reccomend reading any of Robert Fisk’s excellent and relatively balanced accounts of the history of the conflict. Starting with his only hours old post for the Independent is as good a place as any.


  4. I think my favourite bit was Mika putting her head in her hands. Was that some kind of cheerleaderish, “Omigod! This is, like, so totally complicated! How do I know who the good guys are?”

    At any rate, it’s nice to see this “we gave them everything they wanted” b.s. shot down in the MSM.

  5. I do not realy follow Joe and Mika so I may be reaching abit here: isn’t this how “manufacturing consent” is supposed to work? Believing your own lies to the point where he seems to be genuinely upset about the fact that Brzezinski is “surely lying”, all those sources of information that he mentioned just can’t be wrong, he did his homewrok and read all those newspapers, well, at least once and maybe even once a week; it’s not even their ignorance that is stunning but just the way he reacted to his guest, no intention of finding out what is really happening but just “how do I drive now the message I set out to convey”, why not use a bit of ridicule and trivialization, especially that “he called me a stunned superficial”:)

    It’s not really the American’s fault, they just did not help at all in the last, at least eight years… busy with their won consequences of a violent resposne to pretty much everything; unfortunately, almost all I am seeing from Obama since he got elected, things will not really change too much… I am afraid, the Americans have been had yet again by what is loosely labeled “the establishment”… imagine the disapointment on everybody that actualy shed tears when Obama was elected, that’s gonna hurt.

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