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Tripps to Nowhere

Should we be in the least surprised that Bristol (named after a sheet of cardboard) has given birth to a bastard named “Tripp” sired by “Levi” (yes, rather unimaginatively named after the venerable brand of jeans, although the spelling is off) and whose uncles are “Trig” and “Track”?

Wasilla, AK: Meth Capital of the USA. (Now with OxyContin power!)



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“Proportionality” in 100 Seconds

Israel kept up its bombardment of Gaza overnight expanding its targets to include an Islamic university and government buildings. Witnesses said the Islamic University was struck at least six times and the interior ministry headquarters levelled by bombs.

Meanwhile… Palestinian Issa Abu Atta places chimes inside olivewood nativities at a crafters workshop in the West Bank.

Go figure.


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The “Giant Pool of Money”


If you’re still looking to further understand the roots of the current economic “crisis” there may be few better places to start than this episode of NPR’s always wonderful and illuminating “This American Life” program, wherein host Ira Glass talks with a business journalist about a gathering he attended to celebrate the creation of cockamamie, mortgage-backed financial instrument that arguably brought the global economic system to its knees…


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Matters of No Importance


Nice to see that our media is completely relevant vis-à-vis current events.


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Plus ça Change…

“Israel has… always believed that causing suffering to Palestinian civilians would make them rebel against their national leaders. This assumption has proven wrong over and over,” wrote Israeli historian Tom Segev in yesterday’s Ha’aretz newspaper. “Since the dawn of the Zionist presence in the Land of Israel, no military operation has ever advanced dialogue with the Palestinians.”

Just to force home the point a bit, here’s a brief look back to a documentary Robert Fisk made in the early 1990’s about the causes of increasing “anti-Western” sentiment in the Middle East at that time.


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JibJab: 2008 Year in Review

Pointless Trivia: This is the first JibJab year-in-review video to not mention Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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