Olympic Parody

I think this deadpan (東京オンリーピック 開会式<フルバージョン>) animated take-off of the Olympics may be one of the subversively funniest videos of the year.

There’s something quite comically sublime about the giant motorized pigeons feasting on acrobats, amongst many of the delightful wonders of this remarkable little film… The giant Buddha sweeping teams of competitors off his tongue into the Olympic pool, or athletes self-immolating as part of their events, for example. Brilliant!

Dodos & Maltese Falcons

Discovery Channel’s MythBusters co-host Adam Savage gives a frantic presentation at the 2008 Entertainment Gathering in Monterey, California a couple of weeks ago about his fascinating personal obsessions. Here he explains how his interest with dodo bird skeletons eventually led to his designing of an exact bronze-cast replica of the titular statue from the 1941 Humphrey Bogart movie, The Maltese Falcon.