Making Iraq Safe for Xmas!


Well, not quite it seems. Despite what may have been the best of intentions, those ever-pesky “facts on the ground” persist in continually rearing their ugly, noisesome head, as just today: thousands of Christians fled in the North to escape religious attacks; in the Shiite neighborhood of Shula, a bombing outside a restaurant killed four and injured 25; and a pipeline was blown up in Kirkuk.

Such are the confounding realities of the new Iraq…

Christmas in Heaven

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without this timeless chestnut.

Update: Heaven indeed for some crown agencies who got “backstopped” to the tune of $5 billion while their “frozen” ABCPs (aka: asset-backed commercial papers) — that have been withering in transactional limbo because… the “strong fundamentals” underlying them are presently free-falling — manage to get a “free pass” bail-out/insurance policy when no one is looking. How sweet.