“Jerry Falwell in a Hawaiian Shirt”

A great description of Rick Warren by Rob Boston of Americans United for the Separation of Church & State appearing on Countdown earlier tonight.

Maybe this was a “shrewd” move by Obama, but quite frankly, as the controversy continues to unwind, it’s looking dumber all the time.

Sully softens his tone after looking at David Brody’s inbox… Meanwhile, John Cole has come to the firm conclusion that anyone who uses the phrase “slap in the face” needs a swift kick in the ass.

25 Replies to ““Jerry Falwell in a Hawaiian Shirt””

  1. On the bright side, the far right is riled up about this as well, but for quite different reasons.

    Perhaps there’s method to his madness… although it may be that he’s miscalculated on this one.

  2. OK, I know this move pisses off a lot of people, and they’re entitled to voice their displeasure…but really, are there not any more pressing issues to be talking about right now?

  3. If I believed for a minute that an inclusive gesture would placate the Christian Right, I’d be all for this. But this has been going on for decades now.

  4. Yes, I think this is a bad move – and one he may even end up regretting (if he doesn’t already). But I’ll wager what’s left of my home equity, that the morning after the event, it will be quickly forgotten. The Hawaiian shirt line was a good one though.

  5. I’m guessing his campaign for change included inclusiveness, which clashed with his (and most democrat’s) dislike of religious extremism, and he had to pick against one else be seen as a hypocrite come whatever 2010 are due.
    I’m more concerned with his own Illinois background and Republican interior minister (all Republicans like farm subsidies) pick and what it means for corn. Corn ethanol starves people in Africa, corn syrup is unhealthier than cane sugar and especially honey, corn is used to feed pigs )bad for many reasons), and corn ethanol produces a net negative amount of fuel. Bush gave a sliver of this subsidy money to cellulose ethanol, which is destined to beat out corn in the long term. You’d get all sorts of high ROI multipliers by subsidizing other agri-activities.
    My biggest criticism of Obama is a crop tarriff and Canada has turned into a Republican nightmare overnight. Ontario is a have-not province only because they picked nuclear decades ago and have no federal incentive not to again. lol, Green Shift will wreck Canada’s economy. Harper (or Flanagan, or whoever BCE enacts to control CTV news stories, or Satan, or the ghost of Hitler) has made it very likely Ontario will choose to permanently be a have-not province in building nuclear.
    The only reason I’m not sketching out (wasting time learning how to destroy oil sands pipelines, not actually doing it) a terrorist blueprint is because I finally have a reliable source of weed again. But cops have been coming to my place for “a 911 hangup” repeatedly and will eventually catch me in the act. When Harper’s minions take away that from me it is personal…

  6. http://jmortonmusings.blogspot.com/2008/07/common-law-entry-for-distress-911-calls.html
    No worries. I just found this legal precedent. At worst (I think, I’m not sure. Cops have drunk n drive and killed, and conspired secrecy and gotten away scot-free in Wpg) I’d prolly have a few grams taken away illegally and have to endure frigid Wpg recesses.

    Did you think we were screwed because Harper is wrecking our economy and the fabric of our society, or because I was going to waste time learning how to apply Iraqi insurgent methodologies to slow WMDs? I have faith Obama won’t let us get too Republican. If not there is always the insurgency option.

  7. Phillip — I won’t dispute your opinion, but your facts are a bit wonky there, bud.

    I’m more concerned with his own Illinois background and Republican interior minister (all Republicans like farm subsidies) pick and what it means for corn.

    First of all, his new Sec. of the Interior is going to be Ken Salazar, the Democratic Senator from Colorado. The Dept. of the Interior is responsible for the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Geological Survey, and so on.

    Not really anything to do with corn… For that you need to look to the new Sec. of Agriculture who is Tom Vilsack, the former governor of Iowa. I have to admit that this selection made me cringe. I hope this doesn’t mean more ethanol nonsense.

    It’s a well known and thoroughly documented fact that the Sec. of Agriculture is really just a front man for the relatively small cabal of giant corporations that control the industrialized farming and livestock operations these days. What’s good for ADM is good for America! Looks like the trend is continuing, but we’ll see… miracles can happen I’m told.

  8. Fantod — Speaking of Corn… 🙂

    Yes, he makes a good point. I’ve heard the same thought expressed elsewhere and it’s difficult to argue with.

    There’s so much wrong with Warren’s argument about gay marriage (not least of which is the ludicrous notion that it’s a “5,000 year institution” — what a complete howler that one is), but the comparisons to incest and pedophilia were really quite demeaning and broadly insulting on many levels.

  9. As one commentator noted about the sheer length of Obama’s “outreach”: Whom will he reach out to next? Anti-Semites? Serial killers?”

    The man simply wanted to be President. He’s ideologically adrift.

  10. Obama will have ample opportunities to reach out – why do it at his swearing in?

    Personally, I think his whole inaugeration is over-kill.

    Obama sure has the ability to dramatize.

  11. You’re right redtory, wrong minister. I looked a bit at USA farm policy and it is done by Farm Bills that are introduced every few years. The last one was just done but I think they can be amended or renegotiated on the fly. The long corn ethanol remains heavily subsidized the more refineries (or whatever the extraction equipment is called) will be built and the stronger the lobby gets (I don’t think the farmers themselves care whether they get subsidies for wheat or corn or oats or sunflowers or canola).

    Europe went too far by banning GMOs. There’s got to be some middle ground. NY and Europe show it is possible to have a backbone in addressing food, The first geopolitical test for Obama might be Zimbabwe with this cholera nonsense. How legitimate is the African Union?; they are opposing a military solution. Are they a EU-lite or just a bunch of dictators worried they would be next to get the boot if regime change/war in Zimbabwe?

  12. I believe the EU is easing their restrictions on the importation of GM crops. That may be a temporary measure, I’m not sure, but I do recall noting that a little while back in the trades.

  13. Mr Red Tory,

    Little did I believe, until now, that you would reside in blissful ignorance. “Much ado about nothing”? Are you serious.

    Allowing the blog to so casually drift away from something as urgent as Basic Human Rights to corn shows an enormous amount of chudspah.

    It’s like discussing a new recipe for cake while the topic is hunger in Africa.

    What the hell gives? Is it me being “sensitive”? or should I just retreat to the shadows where I’ve been successfully shoved for my whole life?

    I gotta tell ya, I’m disappointed on manifold levels

  14. I said that it had that “aura” about it. Nonetheless, that was a poor choice of words on my part.

    I’m duly chastised. 😦

    p.s. Call me Red. That Mr. business sounds so formal.

  15. “I said that it had that ‘aura’ about it.” was a pretty good attempt at circumlocusion and as far from an even basic explanation that I, unfortunately, am expecting to receive.

    Boo and hiss.

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