ZEITGUISED: Peripetics


“The installation of an irreversible axis on a dynamic timeline”

The Zeitguised studio made this very cool CG piece for the inaugural exhibition at the Zirkel Gallery in London, England a couple of months ago. It entails “six imaginations of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn, including the evolution of educational plant-body-machine models and liquid building materials.” Enjoy.

Canned at the Fish Plant

Aquaculture has a long history on the left coast, a rich heritage captured in this 1939 documentary* about Vancouver Island’s very first fish farm.

*Not actually true.

Madoff: “Just One Big Lie”

Bernard Madoff, former NASDAQ chairman and head of an exclusive Wall Street investment firm that claimed to trade more than $1 trillion a year, has been implicated in an elaborate “Ponzi scheme” that allegedly bilked well-heeled investors out of an estimated $50 billion, supposedly leaving some of America’s wealthiest socialites “destitute” according to news reports (I suppose that’s a relative term). More info on this at the NYP and NYT.

Now, enjoy the pure comedy of seeing this swindler (together with Josh Stampfli, the wiz-kid head of Madoff’s automated market-making group) pontificating at a 2007 roundtable discussion about fear, greed, regulation, automation, the psychology of “herd mentality” and so on. Hilarious.

Bush: “So What?”

Part of the recent interview between President Bush and ABC News’ Martha Raddatz discussing the absence of Al Qaeda in Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion…

Bush: One of the major theaters against al Qaeda turns out to have been Iraq. This is where al Qaeda said they were going to take their stand. This is where al Qaeda was hoping to take…

Raddatz: But not until after the U.S. invaded.

Bush: Yeah, that’s right. So what?

Feel free to throw your shoe at the computer.

Barney’s Final Christmas Video

Here’s something else you won’t miss from the Bush administration. This year’s video is titled, Barney Cam VII: A Red, White, and Blue Christmas.

Gawd, what terrible “actors” they are.

Thanks, But No Thanks!

Mark Francis (Section 15) relays the “fat fingered” fumbling of the renascent “Western Separatist” movement and some other amusing details such as their proposed capital city — Calgary, natch — and even their flag which features a big white “C” with the outline of a Stetson hat on a field of red.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious: the obvious mental incompetence of the hopeless cranks behind this ludicrous effort, their galling effrontery, or their monumental arrogance. Damn easterners.

Turns out the flag in question is actually that of the City of Calgary.

Western Canada Separatism — Flag

Update 2: Seeing as we’re on the subject of flags, pictured above is another “Western Separatist” one designed by some fellow named Andrew Anderson in 2001. He writes:

I just wanted to send a flag which I have seen several times at the meetings of West-Canadian regionalists (in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan). As was explained to me, red St. George Cross stands for England, blue and white colors for Scotland and dark green for Ireland (This part of Canada is closely connected with British heritage). The cross has been moved to the left forming a sort of Scandinavian cross because Canada is a Nordic country and also because many West-Canadians have strong Scandinavian background. The white star is the Polar Star. Also green represents rainforest and wilderness while blue stands for ocean and sky.

All well and good, but I prefer the B.C. flag.

Harper’s Yes Men (and Women)


The Hill Times reports this morning about grumblings in the Conservative caucus and cabinet suggesting that a shakeup may be needed in Harper’s inner circle in order to curb his “worst instincts” and perhaps help him to “avoid a future major, political miscalculation” such as the recent “debacle” that resulted in the shuttering of parliament for a month and a half.

“You need to have some people around you who are going to disagree with you. My concern is some of the people around Harper reinforce his worst instincts whereas I’d like to see him get some calming influence,” said one top Conservative insider who spoke to Hill Climbers on condition of anonymity.

“Caucus and the Cabinet want to see changes, not the leadership changes, they’re firmly behind Harper but they want to see changes around him, people who are giving him advice. He has to get better advisers,” said the source.

Declared another Conservative insider: “I agree totally with that. While the Prime Minister does have good people with him, one of his challenges is to expand the circle so that there can be a variety of views that are reflected to him and variety is helpful in these circumstances.”

Even Harper’s dark eminence, Tom Flanagan is cited as concurring somewhat with the opinion of unnamed “insiders” in this regard, at least to the extent of feeling there “should be a mechanism to test decisions” — whatever that means. More polling?