Rejected Obama Logos


Logo Design Love offers up an interesting exploration of how the Obama campaign’s iconic logo evolved, including many of the concepts that were rejected as part of the design process.


8 Replies to “Rejected Obama Logos”

  1. That’s very cool. I always liked the integration of the red with blue as a means of diffusing the tribalism and showing him as a candidate for all Americans by invoking the flag. Design students will be studying that one for years to come.

    I actually have an Obama button that my husband picked up for me in Chicago in the early days of the primaries. Very boring, no hint of any logo design – just his picture and name in black with a little yellow star. Amazing how things change.

  2. All the logo’s looked pretty good. Good post.

    I guess Obama was just marketing. “Tomm” could have had the same snappy logo.

    That, a teleprompter, and a brain and personality transplant and it could have been me.

    …opportunities missed.

  3. I think it could be an omen that Obama was elected in 2008. Look at the image you provided in your post: the “08” looks like an O for Obama, and 8 is simply the infinity symbol. Does this mean Obama will be president forever?

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