Let it Snow, &tc.

No big deal for most folks in Canada, but here, it’s news!

Snow in Victoria

Out where I am, we got about two inches last night and it’s still coming down…

By the way, riding a bike in the snow — not a good idea. I wiped out going up a steep hill last night. Now, you’d think going down would be the trickier proposition, but no… Attempting to get traction going up, is far more challenging, it turns out. A fact discovered much to my chagrin last night, when I hit the pavement after my ride lost traction sending the bike one way and me the other… Very sore ribs this morning.

21 Replies to “Let it Snow, &tc.”

  1. The don’t use plastic any more (at least I don’t think so) because they wear out too quickly.

    But in any case, mine is high-grade steel. I got to play with one before the surgery. It’s a Stryker Secur-Fit Max® I believe.

    And yes, I ride most every place these days. Much better than walking which still isn’t 100% comfortable for me.

  2. Hilarious. Just moved from the lower mainland to fredericton, and I must say that thing I miss the most about BC is the panic bred by two inches of snow.

  3. “Panic” is definitely the word for it.

    Actually, it’s kind of funny here this morning… You’d think someone had set of a neutron bomb or something. I went for a walk a while ago and it’s completely deserted. Barely a car on the road.

    And with the snow absorbing all of the sound… it’s also weirdly quiet.

  4. 2 inches? That’s fluff where I live. You need to put a little snow removal scoop on the front of your bike??

    Glad you didn’t get hurt too badly. Do you not have buses?

  5. Buses… ha! Service is sporadic out here, at best. On a late Saturday night… forget it.

    When I headed out on my foolish, late-night errand, I didn’t fully realize that it had snowed. Took the wrong bike — I have two: one is a nimble little Panasonic number (with crappy tires) and the other is a more traditional mountain bike. Guess which one I took. D’oh!

  6. Pam — Really? They showed me a Stryker. Not that it matters, but maybe you can confirm that with Dr. Stone. Just out of curiosity…

  7. I lived in the UK for a while in the ’90’s. Once there was a snow “storm” and Scotland basically shut down for almost a week.

  8. We’re supposed to be in a “deep freeze” (for here, anyway) for the next couple of weeks, with snow forecast for much of the remainder of the month, so it should make things rather interesting to say the least.

  9. SFU closed on Fri due to the snow. Having grown up in Southern Ont, I find it amusing how poorly Vancouver and its surrounds deals with even the least bit of inclement winter weather.

  10. I saw the plow this morning!

    Yeah, we’re not exactly well prepared out here. The operative theory is that it will melt before actually having to deal with it.

  11. Be grateful you live at the bottom end of the island. Two hours north and we’ve got about a foot of snow and it’s still coming down. Worst of all, I think our town has one snowplow. If they run true to course I’ll see it coming down my street on Tuesday – if we’re lucky.

  12. Just out of curiosity, I checked to see what we have here in that regard. The City of Victoria has a whopping two, count ’em two front mounted snow plows. (They do have six underbody plows, and the same number of sander/salters.)

  13. Just went for a walk in knee-deep snow at minus 35 — but the sun was shining, like almost always here in Calgary. I don’t know, but this kind of temperature just totally energizes me.

  14. I’m in Victoria, too, and I’m surprised I still have power.

    Usually, by now, someone will have slid down Quadra St and knocked over the hydro pole at the top of Tolmie.

  15. Power out here in Colwood is usually pretty flaky, but so far, so good. Geez, now you’ve got me thinking about that… I’ve got tons of work to get finished tonight and the power going out would be just my luck! D’oh! Thanks a lot. 😉

  16. @Gordon:
    Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in a while. I’m a former Oak Bay boy.

    @RT and MoS
    If you recall, Victoria originally got rid of its plows just before the Blizzard of ’92 (I think it was ’92). At which point they had to transfer two plows from Duncan.

    I was quite grateful, as the unplowed streets meant my six-day leave got extended to about ten days.

  17. Glad to see you are okay….by the way, you post at lightening speed dude, I am ten posts behind and I clicked on your blog last night. Slow down–some of us have to do other things as much as we’d love to hang out here all day.

    Oh, and usually it’s not steel, it’s titanium the hips are made out of, and medical grade silicone if needed for padding. Titanium bonds well with bone, and you can still have an MRI. Steel rusts, and of course, no MRIs allowed. Don’t know about yours?

  18. Sorry. I find I need breaks from work to keep sane. It’s profoundly boring stuff I’m involved with.

    You could well be right about the composition, although there are different models and they generally go with the cheaper ones if possible.

    The thought of literally “rusting” would be quite amusing.

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