12 Replies to “Snow in The Big Easy”

  1. A conservative estimate, I’d say.

    Victoria is the same way. People freak out when it snows. You do not want to be driving around here in those conditions. Also, practically no one has “winter” tires.

  2. Minnesota’s the same way. You’d figure that people who were born and raised here would understand how to drive in snow, but every year after the first snowfall there’s a bunch of accidents clogging the freeways.

  3. The best is the SUV Hockey Moms/Dads sliding off the roads because they don’t have snow tires and THINK 4-wheel-drive is going to save them. They also (now-a-days) seem to have the kinda goofy habit of putting 20+ inch summer-only performance wheels/tires on their “intended for off-road” vehicle… Bling-bling… ding-a-ling…

  4. New Orleans seems to be the epicentre of global climate “weirdning”. Have they ever even had snow before?

    I recall spending a “reading week” there in February, sounds cheesy to say, but the only ice was in the mint juleps.

  5. The record snowfall for the city is about 5 inches, recorded Dec. 30, 1963.

    The weather service said the previous earliest date for measurable snowfall in New Orleans was Dec. 22, 1989.

    Google is your friend. 😉

  6. Whooee! I reckon that must be proof positive that this here glowball wrmin’ stuff is just a bigass hoax perpetrated on a unsuspecting public by a vast cabal of climatologists an’ ivory tower eggheads who wouldn’t know what snow is unless they was gettin’ their faces washed in it by the big bully boys in the schoolyard.

    I was down in New Orleans around 85. I don’t figger it’ll ever come back from Katrina.


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