Replacing Harper…


The Globe & Mail may be getting a bit ahead of themselves here, but it’s interesting that they’re actually speculating about the matter of Harper’s replacement should he fall and break his crown over the next several weeks.

In any case, Andrew Steel takes a brief look at the possible contenders: all of the usual suspects, of course, with the only surprise being the suggestion that Lisa Raitt could be a possibility if Conservatives “decide to completely change the face of their party.”

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Attack Dog

In the spirit of co-operation and reaching out to other parties in the House during this time of economic crisis, the Conservatives have decided to… ATTACK!!! It seems that’s all these pathological nitwits know how to do.

On Tuesday, the Tories’ national campaign organizer sent out a fundraising letter slamming the Liberals, saying Ignatieff was “parachuted” into the leader’s job in a “stunning and unprecedented demonstration of Liberal contempt for our democratic rights.”

Doug Finley wrote a letter soliciting “emergency donations” to help “crack the coalition,” a copy of which was sent to media outlets.

“Not only was the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition not elected to govern this country, but the person who would become Canada’s prime minister wasn’t even the leader of a federal party during the last election and may not even be elected by the Liberal (or any) party’s membership,” he wrote, adding Canadians “most certainly didn’t elect Michael Ignatieff as prime minister.”

“Cracks in the coalition are already starting to show,” Finley says. “We need to drive that wedge home and convince Canadians of all political stripes that this coalition does nothing but weaken our nation.”

How lame. I liked this comment from someone responding to the Star article:

Doug Finley saying that crowning Micheal Ignatieff was “stunning and unprecedented demonstration of Liberal contempt for our democratic rights.” Finley is responsible for trampling the democratic rights of Conservative riding associations across Canada by vetoing the grassroots candidates and parachuting in party faithful. Of course the public has a memory about 30 seconds long, and won’t remember these little bits from previous elections, and the Tories can’t see their own hypocrisy for their self-righteousness.


GOOD News: Make Money, Not Bombs

Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares fund makes an economic argument for nuclear non-proliferation.

Cutting the U.S. arsenal of nukes down to 1,000 weapons (more than enough for defensive purposes) would result in an estimated savings of $20 billion.

The “National Interest Test”

Ignatieff appearing yesterday with Jabba the Hack discussing, amongst other things (rebuilding the Liberal Party, his relationship with Bob Rae, reaching out the west and Quebec, etc.), some of the various elements that Liberals need to see included in the Conservatives’ upcoming budget in order to pass their “national interest test” to avoid a non-confidence vote.

Interestingly, Duffy didn’t interrupt and hardly said a word. How refreshing.

Update: Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become “Iggytube” or anything, but seeing as the new Liberal leader got a lot of coverage yesterday, here he is (again) on CTV’s National newscast with Lloyd Robertson (how old is that guy… like 80 something?).