From a Source You Can Trust!

Ugh, I hate The National Post sometimes. Well, most times actually. Surely there’s some horrendous irony in a paper that constantly shrieks from its editorial pages about the infallibility of the “free market” that’s been hemorrhaging millions of dollars in losses almost since its inception. Clearly it’s been a financial disaster — a bottomless sinkhole with no prospect of recovery. So why doesn’t it fold up operations? Die already and stop annoying everyone with your hackneyed right-wing drivel.

But that’s only tangential to my point. Today, their editorial board deigned to offer some free, unsolicited advice for the Liberal Party. After thoroughly trashing and deriding Ignatieff, it’s their considered opinion the Liberals “should give up on the idea of replacing the Conservatives at the end of January when Parliament reconvenes.” Instead, the NP feels the Liberals should put in place an interim leader “who has no ambitions to run the party” and is ostensibly neutral and then… just carry on with business as usual until the May leadership vote. Well that’s stellar advice, isn’t it? And coming from the NP… you have to know that it couldn’t possibly be any more impartial and objective than that!

Just for fun, let’s review some of the NP’s slagging of Iggy. First off, he’s a “a prickly academic, like Mr. Dion” who’s been overtaken with ambition. Worse, “he lived outside the country for nearly three decades” and “only returned to seek high office at the best of a cabal of party insiders.” Then comes the old, familiar charge that he was “an enthusiastic supporter of the war in Iraq.” Or at least he was “until it became convenient for him to oppose it.” In a similar fashion according to the NP, he was for the coalition until he was against it; and that was only when he realized it was unpopular with Ontario Liberals “because of the separatists’ support.”

Why they even managed to work Adscam into their piece and several mentions of the “power lust” of Liberals. Good work NP!

15 Replies to “From a Source You Can Trust!”

  1. Old “Badges for Iranian Jews” National Post is complaining about Iggy’s Empire-Lite?

    That’s not even a wash. The money-losing right wing flagship of the insolvent media empire is clearly still in the lead when it comes to moral bankruptcy.

  2. I’m sure that a Lexus-Nexus search would reveal plenty of articles where they were pushing Iggy as the “great white hope” of the Libs.

  3. I despise it when people attempt derision through the use of silly portmanteaus and the like, but I’ve always thought that calling it the National Compost was fitting. It’s throw-away, useless and putrid opinion — typically bullshit — that when spread liberally over a dead or dying expanse of conservative social or political thought, helps the otherwise doomed seeds of starved and stunted ideas to bloom into retarded policy.

  4. So… where’s your counterargument here? All I see is restating their points in a mocking and snide manner adding nothing of real substance.

    Seems to me NP’s route IS the best for the Liberals – they need time to rebuild.

  5. Yeah, I did.

    I haven’t checked to see whether Kate did one of her typical “Not Waiting for the Comet” (or whatever it’s called… you know with the dead dinosaur).

    The NYT also put their new building up as collateral for a sizable loan.

  6. All non-Cosnervatives hate The Post and for very good reason. If it came out in favour of motherhood, I’d suspect its motive.

    God, just die already, you awful rag, before you ruin the careers of any decent people standing there. Which at this point is probably the cleaning staff.

  7. Dake: “… So… where’s your counterargument here? All I see is restating their points in a mocking and snide manner adding nothing of real substance.”

    SG: I thought that in the NP world, that was content … After all, ‘implicit’ takes too much thought …!


  8. Drake: “Snerd, I was actually asking RT what his retort to the NP editorial was.”

    SG: Well, your tone was very (R)hetorical ….


  9. Gee, I don’t know Drake… what substantial “retort” can one make to the fatuous assertion that Ignatieff is a “prickly academic” who’s blinded by ambition and so on? If the NP thinks it’s a significant detriment that someone has spent a good part of their life working in Britain and the U.S. before returning to Canada to devote themselves to political life… that seems like a small-minded opinion that’s worthy of little more than mockery and contempt.

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