Dueling Coalition Rallies: Pro & Con

The anti-coalition, pro-Harper, Conservative sponsored rally in Ottawa yesterday. Heil Harper!

On Friday, around 500 people in Edmonton rallied in support of a coalition government between the in front of City Hall.

And another pro-coalition rally, this one (est. 1,000 people) in Vancouver on Friday at Canada Place (of course).

More flag-wrapping (literally) and invocations of “Oh Canada”… After watching those, this scathing article by Rick Mercer that appeared in Saturday’s Globe & Mail might prove to be a good chaser.

18 Replies to “Dueling Coalition Rallies: Pro & Con”

  1. Mercer’s article was quite … err … bear-able, though I personally feel Dion, et al, justified in stopping someone who was attempting to cripple democracy, and introduce a damaging economic plan.

    Removal was preferable to attempting to scare and temper Harper, as it appears Mercer’s preferred, since Harper has already establish, he is untrustworthy. Rae was was quite clear on this point, I thought.


  2. Mark — That’s a distinct possibility, but I don’t have the answer to the question.

    Every time I think he’s matured into a somewhat moderate pragmatist, he goes and does something boneheaded and spiteful that makes my assertions in that regard seem ridiculous. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that Stephen Harper will always do what’s good for… Stephen Harper. If that happens to benefit Canadians, it’s more incidental than anything else.

    His willingness to simply “write off” Quebec and stoke feelings of hostility in the ROC against that province because it’s now seen as being of limited use to him electorally is a good example of Harper putting politics ahead of the national interest.

    Where that type of thinking will lead us down the road, especially if/when Harper gets his long coveted majority is anyone’s guess. Seeing how fascistic, reactionary, selfish, hateful, xenophobic and bloody-minded many of his supporters are, I wouldn’t be looking forward to it.

  3. It’s interesting that the media is constantly focusing on Harper’s behaviour as it applies to Quebec: to wit, that by villifying separatism and sovereigntists, he is antagonising Quebec nationalism.

    I’d suggest that what he is really doing is stirring up anti-Quebec sentiment in anglo-Canada. Because it’s another way of stirring political support. And he knows that he can grow a strong sentiment of ugly prejudice beyond his base in Alberta and the prarie West.

    I know it’s a simple point. But I think it bears repeating because so many people are getting it wrong. Particularly so the leaders and supporters of the coalition.

  4. Interesting point evening critic. It’s true. It’s just not Quebec he’s alienating; Harper and his minions are stirring up anti-Quebec sentiment in his attempt to stay in power. It’s all getting very ugly.

  5. That’s precisely what he’s doing.

    Nothing motivates like fear and raw hatred.

    The Conservatives thrive off these things… Perhaps the calculation is that their base simply wasn’t sufficiently “energized” in the last election and that had they been able to get a higher turnout, they’d have the majority they sooooooooo desperately want that they can almost taste the unbridled power it would give them to REALLY change the face of this country… forever.

  6. I noticed this morning that SDA’s horde of mouthbreathers are posting photos and threatening to identify, track down and physically attack pro-coalition protesters.

    It’s getting uglier by the day.

  7. It’s unthinkable but perhaps we’re in for some hard (Bush) time to finally get the message about the H bomb.

    Even if we found someone who’s only one tenth the entity of Obama, we’d still be ahead of the game. Please let it not be Iggy.

    That leaves Bob Rae. Fine with me.

  8. I noticed this morning that SDA’s horde of mouthbreathers are posting photos and threatening to identify, track down and physically attack pro-coalition protesters.

    Holy crap. And they wonder why we’re worried about them.

  9. You just Godwinned yourself, RT. (Should I be surprised? You are the one who wants to spit on our homecoming soldiers aren’t you? You did say fuck the Jews, didn’t you?) I take it that you would prefer our government to be controlled behind the scenes by Quebec separatists?

    (Respond, or not. I don’t care, I won’t be back to read it, you aren’t worth the time. You are a perfect spokesweenie for the idiotarians.)

  10. You’re confusing me with another blogger, you moronic twat.

    Get your facts straight. I know for many drooling retards like you that’s a difficult concept, but try making the effort.

  11. “Please let it not be Iggy.”

    He’ll be joining the fray shortly, Iggy will. As soon he gets the wet paper bag off his head.

  12. RT,

    You complain about those stirring up hatred and polarizing issues, but in this case you are actively doing this yourself.

    You are selecting your materials and using words like “heil” and getting everybody in a lather.

    There is a lot of regional and tribal distrust in this country, very close to the surface. Pro-coalition rallies and Anti-Coalition rallies are both tapping into this in equal measure.

  13. I don’t know about that claim of “equal measure”… Have you been to all of the rallies?

    Seems to me it’s the “Conservative” ones that are pushing the line about “separatists” and “communists” if you don’t support Herr Harper.

    As for that, I just can’t help myself sometimes. I truly loathe the man with a passion. I’ll be glad to see the backside of him, whenever that might happen. Not soon enough I suspect.

    Also Tomm, you have to put it in the context of Conservatives having played this card repeatedly against their opponents. Don’t support the war in Afghanistan? Then you’re an unpatriotic traitor that hates the troops, etc.

    I’m sick of it.

    And I do quite honestly think that a lot of his supporters are fascistic thugs and bullies. Unsurprising considering the Dear Leader manifests the same “qualities” in many respects.

  14. RT,

    What you are saying is really driving this. Harper has made a point of throwing things into people’s faces.

    That is the source of the difficulties. His policies will be opposed bcause he suggested them, regardless of merit by many people. Hate is a horrible word, but many good people, with good intentions, “hate” Harper.

    It has become a “gut” thing. Ignatieff is close enough to the CPC in many policy areas and it will be interesting if CPC supporters move quietly away from Harper to Iggy, given he wins the leadership and given that he doesn’t continue the left wing political angles of Dion.

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