OJ — Busted at Last!

Who cares about the farcical nature of the charges; isn’t it just nice to see him squirming in front of the judge and knowing that his sorry ass is going to be spending at least six years in some desolate Nevada jail?

Hey, what’s happening in Crazy Town?


I’ve been trying to avoid “The Blogging Tories” as much as possible these days for health reasons, but every once in a while I succumb to the urges of morbid curiosity and find… complete madness:

I think it was either Hearle or someone on the at issue [sic] panel that brought up the membership thing for leader. I think every conservatitve [sic] should invest the money and buy a membership for LeBlanc [sic]. That would show them. And, don’t members who have had memberships for years count, only just new ones [sic].

The media and others will mount a great campaign to get rid of PMSH, just like they got rid of Manning and every other leader with class. Don’t fall for it. I am wearing my Harper t-shirt.

Re the liberal [sic] memberships, when one buys one do you have to put a name of who you support, or is it based on who sells it to you. Another thing missed by the media is that Dion had no flag in sight on his cell phone tape.

Gabby, could you tell us if the flag is flown in Quebec. When my g/daughter was in Drummond, with the Katimavic [sic] program, there were no flags in the school she was at, and she could not buy a poppy. I got 100 flag pins from Monte Solberg and sent them to her. She and some friends discreetly put them on lots of put them on lots of backpacks etc. I should also mention she was spit on because she was from Alberta.

But, she stayed with a wonderful family, who took her to lots historical sites and served her great french [sic] meals. Their daughter has been to Alberta to visit her.

Monte Solberg was distributing free flag pins to people in hundred lots? Young folks being “spit on” just because they come from Alberta? Conservatives actively encouraging one another to subvert and corrupt the Liberal leadership race? How, um, interesting.

Dion and Dusted


Sorry to say, but not only is the nascent LibDem “coalition” dead as a doornail (the ardent efforts of Bob Rae and feeble candlelight vigils notwithstanding), but so too are the fortunes of Mr. Dion as leader of the party. For the second time he’s let us down rather badly and has failed to deliver at the end of the day. He simply cannot be allowed to continue at the helm during the “time out” period that the Governor General has given to Stephen Harper’s government.

As I suggested in the comments yesterday, desperate times call for desperate measures. Everyone agrees that Dominic Leblanc has a lot going for him and could well be the voice of the next generation of Liberals, but it’s also generally acknowledged that he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, so he should save his money and park his ambitions for the time being. It’s also the end of the road for Bob Rae, I’m afraid — at least in terms of being leader. For all of his many considerable attributes and statesman-like demeanor, that dog simply isn’t going to hunt with most Canadians (for reasons that are so obvious I don’t even have to bother enumerating them). That leaves us with… Ignatieff.

Quite wisely as it turns out, the deputy leader remained unusually discrete during the latest fracas in parliament, demonstrating the requisite support when called upon, but deliberately distancing himself from the LibDem coalition. That demonstrates sound judgment and an admirable degree of restraint that are perhaps needed at this time. He may not be everyone’s favourite candidate for leadership… he may well be a little “arrogant” and even “creepy” to some (bit of an unfair slam, but it’s heard not infrequently). Well sorry, but those seem like rather minor quibbles after what we’ve been through for the past year or so.

I don’t really care how the Liberals arrive at the necessary conclusion here, but events need to take precedence over the niceties of process, the precious sensibilities of would-be delegates and quaint formalities that many of us regard as absurd relics of the past in any case. Get Ignatieff in as leader, get behind him and get on with the business of rebuilding the party and being an effective and credible opposition to Harper. Oh, and forget about going into an election for at least a year. Seriously. Don’t even think about it.

Bush: The “Walk of Shame”

Jon Stewart mocks 43’s dreadful interview with Charlie Gibson that ran on ABC earlier in the week. The truly sad part is that there’s actually a team of people working on the “Bush Legacy Project” in the White House whose mission is to re-write history before the Worst President Ever leaves office.

“Do we really have to build this guy a library?! I mean, can’t we just get him an arcade/go-kart course? I know he’d like it more.”

In other Bush-related news, now that he’s exiting the world of politics and can drop some of his folksy pretenses, the soon-to-be-former president will be largely abandoning his phony “ranch” in Crawford, TX (although he’s still retaining ownership of it) in favour of a $2 million estate in the “ultra-chic North Dallas enclave” of Preston Hollow next year.

A Gorey Alphabet

The person who posted this video adaptation of Edward Gorey’s wonderful book The Gashleycrumb Tinies suggests reading it to kids and throwing out Dr. Suess. Hmmm. Not sure if I’d go quite that far (Suess was always a delightful bedtime read, especially while imitating Boris Karloff), but this book might provoke some interesting discussion with a curious child. “N is for Neville who died of ennui.” Try explaining that one to the little sprout(s).

From Wikipedia: “Although Gorey’s books were popular with children, he did not associate with children much and had no particular fondness for them. Gorey never married, professed to have little interest in romance, and never discussed any specific romantic relationships in interviews.”