Harper’s Phony “National Unity” Crisis

Justin Trudeau states what should be obvious. There is no “national unity” crisis. It’s nothing but manufactured bullshit on the part of the Conservatives. The formal agreement between the coalition partners explicitly states that issues surrounding sovereignty aren’t even on the table for at least eighteen months.

And what can one possibly say to this sort of inflammatory nonsense?

Ontario MP Bob Dechert accused the Liberals of trying to destroy the country by aligning with the separatist Bloc.

“They’re getting into bed with the separatists,” he said. “They’ve actually written a deal giving the separatists a veto over every decision of the Canadian government. That is as close to treason and sedition as I can imagine.

Appalling. Is there absolutely no depth to which Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won’t stoop in order to hold onto power?

Mission Improbable

Okay… so here’s an little idea that occurred to me last night with respect to the “Rally for Canada” events that the Conservatives are staging across the country this weekend at a number of, um, strategic locations.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to brave the rain,snow,sleet, and/or monumental apathy involved, and actually attend one of these dismal little affairs with a camera in hand in order to “document the atrocities” (as the expression goes) for the benefit of those of us who aren’t considered to be “real” Canadians — being “liberals” and “progressives” residing in the far-flung corners of our great land. Then, send your pictures and humorous commentary describing your fun-filled experience to me at the following address: mrayner59@gmail.com.

Northern Exposure


Well kind of. A wag (the delightfully named Emma Ruby-Sachs) at the Huffington Post weighed in on our current electoral tumult yesterday. Oh, and look! It even made it onto the pages of MSNBC’s website, along with some pretty funny comments, one of which I’ll gratuitously include here for purposes of cheap ridicule:

My take on the Canadian political scene is that this is a blatant political hijacking orchestrated by miscreant politicians such as Layton,and the chief of the Blockheads Ducette.Both Layton and Ducette are violating the basic tenets of democracy by engaging in this crass exercise of political manipulation.Canada needs stability and political order at this uncertain time and these two clowns as well as Dion are doing everything possible to add obfuscation and throw sand into the political gears.Layton couldn`t run a lemonade stand in the Sahara at a profit and Ducette might be useful as a tackling dummy and nothing else.These two guys are LOSERS and an effront to Canada and the Canadian people.

Quite sadly, the imaginary creature known as “Frederick Christensen” couldn’t even have been bothered to actually learn the proper name of the BQ leader before weighing in with his mighty opinion, but what else should surprise us? Such is the horribly debased condition of our “discourse” these days where illiterate, ill-informed chuckleheads spout the most ridiculous nonsense, completely unhindered by facts, or for that matter, the finer points of logic, spelling, grammar or anything that resembles rational thought.