“Politics Done a Little Differently”

It may be premature to say so, but I’m very much liking the tone of comity and optimism coming out of this emerging coalition. Should be interesting to see how the markets react tomorrow… (sanguine is my bet).

h/t: Jeff — Another good video!



Looks to me like a pic that positively invites captions…

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are “fuming”… Should make for a remarkably jolly Christmas party tonight. Ho, fucking ho.

Calling Mr. Nanos…

Could we see a little polling on how the idea of a progressive coalition is going over with average Canadians, please?

Anecdotal evidence indicates that the concept seems to have broad endorsement (to say the least — excitement and wild enthusiasm might better describe the sentiment) from supporters of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc. No big surprise there, of course.

On the public front, a CROP-La Presse survey indicates that 76 percent of Québécois favour a coalition should the Conservative government be defeated on a non-confidence motion in the House of Commons. For whatever it’s worth, an online survey at the Winnipeg Free Press shows 69 percent in favour of a coalition government.

It would certainly be nice to see some more detailed and reliable (non-partisan) polling to back up these preliminary indications of general support. Especially so, I might add, before the Tories’ mighty Wurlitzer starts cranking out the anticipated wave of specious propaganda…